Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Wow it's been awhile and so many wonderful things have happend...Lets see if I can try and summarize.

June: Brian (Brandon's youngest brother) got baptized in June! It was a very spiritual moment and he definately made it his own baptism :) It was also his sister Lauren's birthday and now she's 20! (And just a few more months till her missionary comes home ;) !)

This month has been absolutely crazy! So far we've had three birthdays, a family reunion, an ordination and soon to be a funeral. A quick shot outs to the birthdays Ethan (our nephew turned 1!), Aubrey (sister-n-law turned 21!) and Davey (my brother turned 28!).

The family reunion we went to was on the Holyoak side. It was great to get to know Brandon's side where we are spread all over Utah, to Texas even out in Hong Kong. We all got together and had a picnic in Sandy, the majority of everyone talked and ate while I took out my camera and took a few shots (I'll have to add those later). Later that afternoon we went to through the Oquirrh Mountain open house, it was a wonderful experience to be able to walk through and semi-explain things to my sister in law Lauren. We ended the night with dinner at Goodwood Bbq in Draper, now if you have never eaten there it's so delicious! (I recommend the pulled pork! Yum).

Aubrey and T.J. are my wonderful sister and brother in law that are working on getting sealed in the temple on September 19th. So on July 19th we were able to witness T.J. get ordained to an Elder! It has been so wonderful to see the changes in their hearts and to see their little family going to the temple. I know that when Aubrey, T.J. and their son Ethan get sealed in September they will be a forever family and I can not wait for them to receive those blessings.

On a very sad note, Brandon's Grandma Sandberg passed away this last Saturday. I did not know her for very long but I remember since the first moment I met her she has always been very loving and accepting of me. I know she had battled cancer for years and she is definately one of the strongest women I know. Her funeral is in Panguitch Utah on Thursday, so Brandon and I will be traveling down there later this week.

Now the reason I titled this blog as "Blessed" is because Brandon has been offered a promotion in his company! I'm grateful for the company he works for and the many opportunities it has given Brandon to learn and grow. I am also grateful for the many answered and unanswered prayers from our Heavenly Father, and I feel so blessed to know that he is watching over my family continuely.

One last great thing happened this weekend...Brandon and I met our neighbors! With great help from the Witt family (Thanks Allen and Jill!) we had a great BBQ on Saturday with fireworks at the end. It was wonderful to finally talk to our neighbors (since it feels like we all pretty much keep to ourselves), and the best part about it is that Brandon and I made a few great friends.

Anyway, I think I've covered everything and I apologize for this being so long! Have a wonderful week everyone :)