Monday, March 17, 2014

Biggest Loser: Holyoak Couple Style

During my pregnancy with Ammon, Brandon was doing a Biggest Loser competition with a bunch of his old high school friends. There was a $5 buy in, making the total prize being $100 at the end of 3-4 months. Brandon was amazing, especially considering the fact that the competition started a week or so before Thanksgiving and went through the holidays. I was so proud of him, but emotionally it was very hard for me. It was already hard for me to get bigger, which is obviously normal during pregnancy, but to see my husband get skinnier as I got larger was definitely harder than I expected.

Brandon ended up winning the competition, but due to the fact that everyone in the competition didn't pay their buy in money he only received $40. Obviously the real prize was the weight he lost, and he looked and felt amazing. Of course with my horrible pregnancy cravings, and his lack of being in a competition he gained it back. I'm selfish, and I feel bad he gained that weight. So to make things better we're making some changes!

In a few weeks Brandon and I are starting our on weight loss challenge. We're not rewarding a winner, our reward will be the lost weight. I'm thinking this will be really good for us, since we'll only really have each other to cheer each other on, and I'd like to think we're our biggest fans.

Biggest problems right now are, we eat out too much, portions, and my personal lack of exercise.

Game plan for me: We ordered a jogging double stroller and I can't wait till it gets here, it arrives Wednesday! Since the weather is getting warmer I can't make the excuse that I can't get off my tush and walk/run it out. Plus it will get the boys out for fresh air. My hopeful plan is to go on a 30-60 walk/run each day, or Mon-Sat. Another thing I will be doing is counting calories...I have never done that, but Brandon swears by it. We are going to eat healthier meals, more fruits and veggies, and smaller portions (we ordered a food scale to help us weigh those as well). I'd love to lose at least 15 pounds, that would get me down to pre pregnancy weight. If I lose more, fantastic! Goal is to lose at least 1 pound a week.

Brandon's game plan: Get up earlier and work out at his office gym. This will take effort from me, I may or may not have to kick him out of bed. ;) He'll also count calories, and be watching his food portions, and eating healthier.

We aren't starting our actual competition until after General Conference weekend. We're going to be traveling to Utah County the next couple of weekends, and we always tend to eat horribly while we're out and about. (Who can say no to In - N - Out, Sweet Tooth Fairy and Zupas? I sure can't...I see a problem here, haha).

So that's that! I may or may not post my progress on here... I'm still deciding. We are going to weigh ourselves weekly as well as take measurements. Here's to losing weight and becoming fit!