Monday, July 29, 2013

Nursing take 2!

Nursing Ammon has been so much easier than it was with Connor. With Connor it always hurt me, I'm guessing now that he never had a good latch, but with Ammon the pain is virtually non existent! 

I'm also a little worried about my production, however I've been keeping up on my water intake and food calories much better than with Connor. The biggest tip I got was from a neighbor, drink 8 oz of water after every feeding! For some reason it makes it more manageable, and I usually end up drinking more. 

So things are good and just trying to stay positive! 

Potty training

So Connor is pretty much potty trained. I dare say between 85-95%. He goes all day without an accident (usually), and we even leave the house somedays without a pull up! Some nights we've even been lucky with a dry pull up, but usually it's not the case. Last night we took the baby proof lock off his door so he could get up in the middle of the night if he needs too. 

One fun thing, Brandon taught him how to pee standing. Now that's all he does, which is better for me, sometimes when he'd sit on the potty you never knew where'd he's shoot! Oh the joys of boys :) I'm very proud of my big boy, I can't believe he'll be 3 in two months!! Wow!

Taking it easy, but noticing changes.

Last Friday I started a work out at home. I was feeling a bit better, but not ready to run. So here's the circuits I did. (I'm not sure of the specific names, so this is how I describe them). 

20 crunches
20 crossover crunches per leg 
20 straight leg crunches
15 leg lifts per leg
15 inner leg lifts
30 second butterfly stretch
20 calf raises
15 squats

3 reps (I might do these on my off running days)

My thighs were burning for the rest of the day though. So that was good. 

Saturday I went to the gym and started on the elliptical thinking I'd go easy on my knees. Me not thinking I thought it'd be fun to do a 30 minute incline training exercise. Holy cow! I only made it in 13 minutes before deciding I needed to change to the treadmill. I definitely prefer the treadmill over elliptical.

Anyway, today I went in bright and early (6:45) and went straight to the treadmill. I would walk 2 min/run 1 min. I'm feeling good, I am slowly getting better. I didn't look at the time till there was only 10 seconds left of running instead of thirty, so some slow progress. Oh, I did walk/run 1.47 miles. Woop! 

I'd like to say I'm seeing small changes on my body. I think my stomach is a little flatter, but I might just be sitting up straighter. Who knows. I might take weekly photos and post them. Still debating. Like I said before, I'm more focused on feeling better about my body image than a number on the scale. So far I've liked walk/running more than I thought. Yay for exercise. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Now that's what you call ironic right there."

So apparently my body is against me starting to work out/train. I'm pretty sure this happens every time I try to get into shape. It's just not meant to be. ;)

Monday afternoon decided to give me a cold. Awesome. So I've been trying to rest up more to get healthy again! Hopefully I'm not sick for too long, I really need to train for this 5k. (Yes, I am that out of shape...I'm pretty sure I couldn't run longer than 30 seconds right now). 

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This last week I had my 6 week doctors appointment and I'm officially cleared to go back to regular life. Wahoo! I am so ready to get back into shape, I'm really not digging my jiggly tummy and thighs, boo. It's not very fun to have Connor poke my stomach and say "baby."  Ugh  :(

So I have three things to help my motivation. 1) I WANT IT. Now honestly I'm not really focused on a number on the scale. I just personally want to tone up. I want to feel more confident. 2) 5k. Brandon and I signed up for a 5k at the end of August called Man vs. Mud. I'm so stoked, but I definitely need to train. The best part is Brandon will be there to help and support me at the same time. Plus we're both competitive and I know we'll push each other. 3) Family pictures. My mother in law has said she wants to get family pictures done this fall. This picture could potentially be on the wall for over five years without being updated (like this last one). Call me crazy, but I want to look decent. 

So there you have it. I'm debating on posting pictures of my progress. I'm very self conscious right now so we'll see. Tomorrow is training day one. I'm excited, scared, nervous. I pray I can get back into shape AND keep my milk supply up. If any of the two people that read this have any good tips, please let
me know. :)