Monday, September 21, 2009

Forever Family

On Saturday September 19th, 2009 T.J., Aubrey, Ethan (and baby Ashton - not born yet ;) ) Kingsford were sealed as an eternal family for time and all eternity in the Logan Temple.

What a special event to witness. I love this family!

Unanswered Prayers

For those of you who don't know, about two weeks ago I got called into an office and got the news that I was getting laid off because of downsizing. For many that can be very unsettling, scary and heartbreaking...and it was. At the same time, I kept having the feeling like everything would be okay. I didn't know how, or what would happen, I just knew we were going to be okay.

Since I got laid off at my old company, every morning was the same: Get up, pray, read scriptures, get online and apply for jobs, read a book, clean up the house, go back online and apply for more jobs, etc. I received a few phone calls here and there and had a few interviews. During this time Brandon and I were fortunate enough to go to the temple when I was feeling uncertain and again I felt an overwhelming assurity that we would be okay.

Two weeks from the day I was laid off I received a job offer at a great company, and today was my first day!

I am very grateful for unanswered prayers. There were a few positions where I was praying that they would call me back, but I never heard from them, or if I did it was to say they had gone with someone else. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I am very grateful for my Heavenly Father and for the comforting spirit he sent to my family over the past weeks.

I will miss my old co-workers, they have become great friends and I know that I will stay in touch. I am also grateful I was able to work at my previous job because that is where I met my best friend (other than Brandon ;) ) She has become a great influence in my life and I'm so grateful I got to spend every weekday with her.

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the testimony I have. I am grateful for unanswered prayers and know that when I truely put my trust in my Heavenly Father he will guide me. I love my husband and I am so grateful for his optimistic attiude over the past few weeks.

I hope everyone had a great Monday! I love you all :D