Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy late birthday Brandon!

I'm sorry I haven't really posted anything this week. We've been celebrating Brandon's birthday for quite some time! Brandon turned 23 on Tuesday (16th), but we started celebrating last friday. Last week we went bowling with friends and family at the local Jack and Jills bowling alley. I was able to get him a Wall-e cake which turned out delicious! I don't have the pictures quite up so I can't upload those so I'll add them within the next few days. I let Brandon open a gift was a BYU track jacket, very nice and he adores it. :)

Last Saturday was the big BYU vs UCLA game. We had literally perfect seats (minus the sun being on us the WHOLE time!) We were on the east side, 25 yard line about 30 rows up. It was so much fun and a great first game for me!! BYU killed UCLA 59-0. Apparently I'm good luck, just kidding. During the game we visited his famiy during half time. I love his family, and it's great to see where we'll be sitting when we're able to afford tickets! After the game we met up with family (Brad, Jean, Lauren, Brian, my Mom, Tyr and his friend), at Rumbi. It was great to eat some food after such a hot day! After eating we went back to our house and I started frosting the cake I made earlier that morning. When I started to light the candles they were melting to fast so I had to have Brandon help me! After we got the cake all lite up I made him go back into the living room and I attempted to walk the cake in without blowing out the candles, dropping it on the floor, and singing 'Happy Birthday', (I know I'm talented) ;).

So as you can tell we had our new 'Quest for perfection' shirts on, and we're both completely red...well at least I was. That night my Mom stayed at our house because she was driving back down to AZ the following morning. It was nice to be able to chat with her, but I do have to admit, it was better to fall asleep that night. We were so tired we left his lamp on throughout the whole night.

On Sunday before my Mom left she wanted to take a few picutres of us because she just got the new camera. What do you think?

Anyway, for this week it's mostly been work! On Brandon's birthday my Father was coming through town and he took us out to Olive Garden, and then he stayed over that night before he went down to Vegas, and then to fly out to Jamaica to visit my Step Mom. She's currently out there for her education. She got a scholarship for her Masters in Service so for the next few months she'll be in Jamaica and then off to England for the rest of her year.

I better get back to work! Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

For a Monday, it's been a pretty good day!

Like most people I dread Monday's! Luckily today has been quite an amazing day! :) For example, their was a co-worker that I helped get insurance a few months ago. It was a 'rush' deal because his sons were about to start football camp for BYU. Once I found that out we started talking and he offered to give Brandon and I tickets for a game or two. Last week I found out that this specific guy was no longer working at this company so I was slightly down because that meant we wouldn't get tickets. Today during lunch I received a call from my desk from this guy! He is having Brandon and I meet him and his family on Saturday, so now Brandon and I get to go to the BYU vs UCLA game! The best part about it is that we'll be celebrating Brandon's birthday this whole weekend so this just adds to the excitement!

On Friday I'm planning something for Brandon's party. So far all I've got is everyone meeting up at Jack and Jill's Bowling in American Fork, UT at 6:30 pm. There we can bowl, eat food and I'll bring a cake for my sweethearts 23 birthday! Granted his birthday isn't until the 16th but that's a Tuesday. I'm so excited to give him the gifts I got! I actually would like to get a few more so we'll see how that goes within the next few days :)

So last night we went to an amazing fireside at the Mariott Center in Provo. Elder Holland spoke on trials and how we are never truely alone. His words were truly inspirational and they touched my heart. Tonight Brandon and I will make some goals to start doing the things we have 'planned' on doing but just don't get around to. No more procrastination!

Have a great Monday!