Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Some people are afraid of spiders, or heights, others are afraid of snakes or speaking in public . One of my biggest fears since we've had Connor is a second child. Now this doesn't quite makes sense since I want a decent sized family, but hear me out. 

Naps. When you have a second (or third, etc) child you can't take a nap when the first is napping. Nap time is very important to me, or just a little downtime during the day so I don't go crazy. (Call me selfish, but I need me time every day).

Feedings. How do you feed a newborn/toddler at the same time...I'm pretty sure this is when a few more arms could come in handy. 

Keeping everyone happy. Seriously, how do you calm a newborn down and comfort it, when your toddler is wanting attention and to play.

Housework. When there's one munchkin running around like a monster, toys everywhere, a newborn that wants to be constantly held, when can you clean? How does your house stay semi-decent? The easy thing to say is at night, and yes that solves the toddler situation, but what about the newborn, they still need to eat every few hours, and nursing/lack of sleep is exhausting. 

Can you tell I've thought about this a lot. Lets be honest, there are times with Connor when I think he might be an only child. He has such a HUGE personality and an even bigger temper (awesome). On the same note, he is also starting to help out a lot more, he'll pick up things around the house, throw things away, he helps me move clothes from the washer to the dryer, he can even brush his own teeth...well kind of.

About a week or so ago I've had to face this fear. Yes, we secretly moved to Cache Valley so nobody would know about our second child. Haha, kidding. At the end of July my sister in law had her darling baby girl, she has since had to return to work and I've offered to help her by watching baby L. 

To be honest there are good and bad times. This week more so good then bad, but that's the whole process of life isn't it? Connor is getting better at being soft and learning to play little games with her like patty cake. baby L on the other hand is learning to sleep with lots of noise! I am definitely learning patience and time management. I'm doing my best to let Connor feel loved and not ignored as much as possible, while still not forgetting about baby L.

So maybe when it comes down to it, I'll be able to figure out how to manage two children for 24/7 when I need too, but not quite yet. Till then I'll enjoy all the fun games and songs with Connor, and I'll sneak in any snuggle time with baby L too.

What are your fears?