Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Decisions decisions decisions...

I hate…hate making decisions. I have a bad habit about worrying what others think about me too much, so I tend to go with the flow a lot. Recently I’ve been wanting to color my hair. Since a bit before I met Brandon I colored my hair dark dark dark brown. I loved it, it made my skin and eyes pop and I felt like I stood out for once. Problem is when it’s summer time my hair tends to get golden/reddish highlights naturally. My highlights aren’t a bad thing, it’s just when I’m paying for it to be darker for a long period of time. So long story short, I’ve been thinking about changing up the color. Last time I did that I didn’t really like it though (I tried adding blonde highlights in it for a short period of time and didn’t appreciate it too much). I think my biggest problem is I want a change and tend to just go get it done as soon as possible and doesn’t turn out the way I’d like. Basically…I’m not patient. Now I’m trying to look around and make a sure decision on what I should do and be confident. Below are a few pictures of ideas I’m looking at or that have been suggested to me.
This is Brandon and I a few months after we were married. Dark dark brown. Such a pretty color.

This is the color Jenn suggested. I love it, I really do...I'm just afraid it would look super unnatural and I wouldn't be able to pull it off.

So then I started looking again today. I though Kristen Stewart has super pale skin, maybe I could pull off one of her colors. So it's kind of dark with a bit of highlighting, very pretty, not too bold.

Another Kristen Stewart picture, more highlights, bit more auburn. I actually asked the Cosmetology director at my school her opinion and this is what she suggested. Well she told me auburn with caramel highlights and this is what I pictured in my mind. Maybe I'm off, but I still thought it was cute. (Once again I've turned timid! I don't know if I could pull this off either)

So there you go, what are your opinions?

Friday, April 1, 2011


Recently I haven't been feeling myself. I've felt like I have no self worth, and to be honest...inadequate. I'm not quite sure what was going on with me, I was down.

Yesterday's beautiful sunshine totally flipped it around. I felt motivated, and focused. I was able to accomplish so much. After work I went home and Connor and I had lunch, then we went on a wonderful walk. I want to say he enjoyed it, before we went out he was screaming his head off, but then as soon as I stepped outside he was quiet and just looked around at everything. It was just so nice to feel the warmth of the sun and get out of the house!

After our walk I put Connor down for his nap and I started cleaning up! My co-worker does a great thing every week and Brandon and I want to incorporate her advice. Every Thursday is her clean up day; she runs her errands and cleans the house so that she can enjoy her WHOLE weekend. That's what I started to work on once Connor was asleep. I was able to clean our living room, dining room, the half bath down stairs and start laundry before Brandon got home. When Brandon got home I vacuumed downstairs and he cleaned the kitchen while I continued with the laundry. Then we were off to run a few errands, get the car washed and hit up Costco!

Yesterday was just wonderful; I am so excited for today to be even better! :) On a side note: I've learned a lot recently with my photography and I'm excited for the new look.