Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Do you ever just worry what other people think of you?

I have a horrible problem with this. I am constantly over analyzing things, worrying what others will think about what I do or say, and basically just making myself unhappy. I have a tendency to want to make others happy, and in doing so I sometimes think I loose sight of how to make myself happy.

I love taking pictures. I am not the most talented photographer (by all means I admire so many of my friends and others who do photography), but a part of me does think I have a little talent in taking pictures. For a few years Brandon and I have thought of the idea of me making photography a business. I have been very hesitant (and I still am), I am worried if people would really trust me to capture those precious moments...I worry if they will like my work or if I will get sick of the process...So many worries, thoughts just holding me back.

What I truely need to think is, I love, love...LOVE taking pictures. I love the way it makes me feel like I can be creative. I love going through the images to edit them and realizing "wow I took that!" I shouldn't think what people may say or think, all I should think is the happiness it brings to me and the others it may bless.
I was blessed to take a few pictures of baby Livi. Isn't she beautiful?