Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sick, sick, sick!

So earlier this week Brandon and I both got sick with the flu! Since being married we've both been sick, but never together. We've still been going to work and running errands but when we are home we've been exhausted. It's still cute how we've both taken extra time to take care of eachother.

I do have to say how grateful I am to be married to a worthy priesthood holder. Earlier this week he was able to give me a blessing and about half way through I was feeling half way better! I am so grateful that Brandon lives and keeps his covenants and that through faith we can be healed. I am so grateful for the gospel and our temple marriage.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

No Cavity Club

Today was Brandon and my first official visit to the dentist as a married couple. Great news! Both of us have no cavities :) I felt that at any moment they were going to take our picture and put it on the 'No Cavity Club' Board.

Since our appointments were in the 2 o'clock hour we ended up being done around 3. It was so nice to be able to spend more time with each other. We ended up going to the new Denny's in American Fork (it had just opened this morning). It wasn't too bad, just seemed a little slow...we had fun though. :) After Denny's, Brandon and I went to Costco and ended up getting a few more Christmas movies and the new J.K. Rowling book. (I can't wait to start it!).

We then came home and I made hot cocoa and we watched Christmas Vacation, it was my first time watching it and quite hilarious. It will definately become a favorite...Now I just got done with working for a bit and I'm writing away...

I did apply for a position I would love to achieve! It's an Office Support position for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. :) I have been having some problems with my current job with not feeling appreciated and all in all wanting a better enviroment. I've thought about searching for positions in the church and as soon as I saw this one I immediately applied. I have an amazing feeling that things will turn out ok (no matter what happens), but it still is a ray of hope. I would truely appreciate the prayers, I know this would be a wonderful opportunity for learning and service.

I do need to get going. Brandon and I are planning on finishing the Book of Mormon by the end of the year and we need to study!! Have a great night and Merry Christmas :)

P.S. Congrat's to James and Jerrica Cook for their 1 year wedding anniversary!! We love you both so very much!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Shopping!

So this morning I went out into town to do a little Christmas shopping for Brandon. I'm not going to lie, there are a TON of people out! Not that it was bad or anything, just busy. ACK. I do have to say it's been a lot of fun going out and Christmas shopping for others (especially with Brandon). Last night I started wrapping up Christmas presents for those of our close family and friends. I was so happy to see presents under the tree, it just makes the tree look complete. I think it made me even happier to think that the presents under the tree so far aren't even for us! I am very excited to see everyone's faces when they recieve them!! So excited, I hope they like them...

Tomorrow I am making a roast with mashed potatoes and what not. I'm very excited, we're not sure if we're inviting anyone else, but I'm positive there will be left overs so if anyone wants to come to dinner tomorrow after church just give us a heads up ;)

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I know, I know...Christmas isn't for over another month but Brandon and I couldn't resist! We ended up setting our Christmas tree up the Monday after he came home from California. I'm not going to lie, it's BEAUTIFUL! I can't help but look at our tree and think about how blessed we are! We're barely married (almost 6 months now!) and we are able to afford a tree, and be able to decorate it. I'm so grateful!

Figuring out where the tree was going to be placed was honestly the biggest problem. Brandon and I don't have the largest basement apartment, but it definately suits us perfectly. Long story short we had to rearrange our whole living room did turn out great though. Only bad thing is, is that Brandon likes the new set up, so when Christmas is over, we're going to have an empty space in the corner! I'm sure we'll figure that out when the time comes!

I am truely excited for Christmas this year! I think the best part will be that it's OUR first Christmas. Christmas is a little different when you're married, I've already had to sit Brandon down and we've discussed the gift list. This gift list is not for us, but for our families and close friends. I love the Christmas season and the cheer it brings to everyone around! I can't wait to drive around with Brandon to look at Christmas lights around our house and up at Temple Square! This truely is a great time in our life!

Friday, November 21, 2008


As of 7:30 PM we officially have internet at our house!! Now we can update this more with pictures and blogs :)

Go Cougs!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My (Brandon's) First Business Trip

As I sit here waiting for my flight home, I think back on that past few days, reflecting on what I have experienced. My company flew around 30 people or so down to Anaheim, California, for the quarterly event “Rising Star Academy”. The event hosted more than 1,200 people from all across the North American continent, and even farther in some cases. I met people whom I had talked to on the phone in the past year, and even met a few new prospects coming from Mexico; it was a joy to meet these wonderful people seeking after prosperity in person. I have a great respect for them, as they are inspired by the idea of owning their own business and creating their own success.
What was also fun was being able to have the sense of accomplishment after witnessing how big of an even we put on. While hundreds of people learned about how to create wealth, seize opportunity and so on and so forth, we corporate employees ran the show behind the scenes, from assembling recognition awards, to ushering, to registration and back again. It was definitely stressful at times, and by the look on everyone’s face as we anticipate our departure to Salt Lake, it was utterly exhausting. My feet are sore, and my legs are worse. My lower back feels horridly tight and sore. My eyes are drooping, and I’ve a memorable headache that won’t soon be forgotten.
Interestingly enough, having gone through such a great yet demanding experience I saw a new side in several coworkers that I thought either I’d never see, and in some cases, didn’t expect. Some would come through in a hard situation, others would stress out over small and meaningless things, a few would take offense to the smallest intrusion, and another few seemed so far removed from their normal state. Perhaps this is evidence to the notion that not everyone is who they really are from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. I was surprised, pleased, disappointed, grateful, confused, angered, and frustrated, and sometimes all those emotions came at once. Without being judgmental, I will say that alcohol has the ability to change some people from the greatest soul into the most uncompassionate, and, believe it or not, vice versa. It should be noted though that I don’t believe that a person’s drunken state is who they truly are, and I feel that anyone who does feel that way is shallow.
Finally, to touch on a personal level, I realize that I have missed my wife more than ever. This trip was the longest we have been apart since we were married in May of this year, and the 2nd longest we’ve been apart since we started dating (although the most we’ve been apart ought not to count because it was during Christmas last year when we had been dating only a few weeks). I wanted Tenille at my side ever so earnestly, coming to the conclusion that I don’t want to spend any more time away from her than I have to. It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I must agree with this principle.
Having experienced the many luxuries of Southern California and the company’s corporate account, I have learned that (for me, anyway) there is beauty in simplicity. I have dined at fine restaurants and stayed on the 11th floor of a very expensive and well known hotel, and have enjoyed the local entertainment as much as time and conscience permit. But now I long for the warmth of my small basement apartment, my comfy cozy bed, and the arms of my young, beautiful wife whom I love so much.
One more thing… I am now on the plane, and I have noticed that while I may be cramped up and luxury is for the first class seating up front, I must say, I love to fly. As we flew out of John Wayne Airport on what seemed to be a very clear California evening, I got a good view from my little window. It almost looked like the insides of a computer, with the small cars- hardly visible from so high up- as the veins of such a large city. It’s funny. From up here, things are so small, and it offers an interesting perspective. What seems to be a huge deal from the ground up may not seem so extravagant from the sky looking down, at least not on a detailed level. On the whole, cities look beautiful from the aerial view in my opinion, but as I get on the ground and look at the finer details that make up such a large metropolis, I notice that there are things that are great and small, grand and horrid, which make up the whole thing. It’s interesting how the good and the bad intertwine so much on this great earth.
This whole week I have had the words of a popular song in my head by Carrie Underwood, which says, “when you figure out love is what matters after all, it sure makes everything else seem so small.” This chorus could not be more accurate. I know many people –even family, who make choices and live their lives in ways that I disagree with. And yet, I feel for them and have hope that they are happy. There is so much hate in the world, and perhaps it’s because there is a lack of understanding due to the fact that so many people look from the ground up, with a limited view. Perhaps it’s because too many of us take ourselves too seriously, and take offense to too many of the little things that really is just part of life. Perhaps not, perhaps I am completely wrong. But I believe that people, no matter who they are, what they look like, or what they believe or even don’t believe in, are naturally good natured. We don’t all have to agree and live the same life. Common acceptance and a personal disposition to live one’s life according to what they believe in I think would go a long, long way.
Sheesh… it’s amazing what a small business trip will get you thinking about.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Costco Membership

As of last night Brandon and I are official members of Costco! Before we got married we had discussd getting a Costco card but we either didn't have the money or I felt it uneccessary for newleyweds for bulk. Since then I've felt that we could make our money back just by saving on gas. We also walked around and found a few nifty things on sale. All in all I feel more married, but it's exciting and fun! If anyone needs to go to Costco, you know who to call :)

Brandon also got a call this morning from his Dad. I guess we're going to the last BYU home game tomorrow! I've loved going to each game (since prior to marrying Brandon I'd never set foot in the stadium). We'll have to be sure to take pictures!

Today my friend Casey (Honk), is marrying his sweetheart. I pray that he'll have a great day! So far it just looks cloudy, so all is well! I'm excited to go to his reception tonight, just wish we didn't have to work all day today!! Anyway I better get back to work!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Pictures Are Here!

Our Wedding photographers took 'engagement' pictures of Brandon and I around our 4 month anniversary for Free! We were finally able to see the images online this weekend. They're amazing! I have a few below, but if you would like to see the others I'll give you the information.

They loved the flower ones the best!

It's so beautiful around fall!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Surprises!

This past Friday (10/10), was my birthday! I've been trying quite hard to convince Brandon to tell me what the plans were but to much pleading he still held his tongue. The day finally came and I got up and went to work. Work was normal like usualy except Brandon was 'training' so we wouldn't be able to chat on google talk throughout the day. When lunch rolled around a co-worker of mine took me to Kneaders and paid for lunch, since we took a shorter lunch than usual we decided to go to Downeast Outfitters in American Fork and try on a few items. As Savannah is in the changing room I get a call from my dear husband giving me 'specific instructions' to stay where I am. I literally laugh and tell him if he's on his way to my work I'm not there but he can pick me up at Downeast. :)

Once Brandon picked me up he then instructed me to close my eyes and trust him. Recently I get very car sick and nauseous so I wasn't very thrilled about this part, but seeing as he had kept this a secret thus far I felt like I should try my best. Brandon starts driving around and a short while later we're at a stop. I'm instructed to keep my eyes closed as he helps me out of the car (p.s. I'm wearing heels...and for those of you who know me I suck at wearing heels), and I attempt to not fall on my face. We walk a few paces and he lets me know I can open my eyes. To my surprise Brandon had brought me to Massage Envy! We went straight in and got a 'couple massage'. Basically they had 2 massage tables in the room and we got massages at the same time.

After the massages Brandon let me decide whether we should go home and I can open my presents, or we could drive down to my work and get my car then register me into school. I of course choose the opening presents :) As we drove home he continued to apologize on how he couldn't wrap all the presents, but I said it'd be ok. We walk into the house and the first present I notice is that the house is clean! The next thing I noticed is Brandon got me the Twilight series of books (all hardcover), the newest Rascal Flatts cd, a Chocolate Truffle Cake, a necklace, and a new computer desk! My husband is soo amazing! I can't believe he spoiled me so much!!

We were then off to get my car from work/register me into school. Last Thursday Brandon and I decided I should go back into school. I decided to go into Medical Office Administration and I was extremely excited to start ASAP. When we got to the school however they told me I'd have to speak with a counselor before I could register so I planned on registering Monday morning. Since we couldn't register we dropped my car off at home on the way to Sandy to have dinner with Brandon's family. Brandon's Uncle Doug was in town from Hong Kong and so there was a festive evening planned at Golden Corral that night. It was hard to keep my birthday a secret but I tried for the most part (I didn't want to steal the evening from Doug!). At the end of the night we went back to the 'Cooks' house and played signs with the whole family!

That was basically my birthday! I am so grateful for my husband and I adore him so much. I love him and I couldn't be happier! Thanks babe!

(On a side note on Sunday night Brandon and I decided to use the money I got for school to pay off some debt and consolidate our bills. We've paid off four bills and it is quite a relief. I do however plan on going to school soon and I will keep you updated when that will happen. Hopefully around the same time Brandon goes back to school!)

Super Savings

So last week Brandon and I decided to splurge a little bit and dip into our savings to grab a few things we need. These three main items were a queen sized down comforter, and two winter coats for us (one for each). In our savings we had around 450 to spend on these items.

We started at Ross Dress for Less in American Fork. Searching around we find a queen down comforter for.....$30! After that we drove down to Burlington Coat Factory in Orem. We found double winter coats for both Brandon and I and the prices were...$40 (Brandon), $60 (Tenille). WOW! I never thought we'd be able to find such great deals!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Tenille

Ha! I would like to take this opportunity to say... that my wife is SO FREAKIN CUTE!! Her birthday is on Friday and I have something special planned.. and for once, I am actually succeeding at keeping it a secret! (Ah... clever me.)

She's a wonderful example to me. I've know of none other so committed, so dedicated to that which they do. She's my dream come true.

She's currently at work right now helping out payroll, which is normal for her- going the extra mile and all. She jokes about how sometimes she's a perfectionist, but I think it's God-given and just plain old cute. I may never truly understand her, but I know that the more I do, the more I will appreciate her, and the more I will love her.

We're going bowling tonight with our good friend Laura, who shortly will be returning to Washington for minor medical reasons. I know that it's been a hard day at work for Tenille, and I hope that she knows that as much as Laura will miss her, I love Tenille 10 times more (yeah, I'm a suck up).

I love my Tenille, and I always, always will.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yay for absent minds.

So last night Brandon and I decided to go to the Lehi Rec Center and relax in the hot tubs. Mostly Brandon decided to take me there because I've been so sore from hiking/falling out of a tree/scraping myself on an old train cart etc etc. So I grabbed my purse and threw it in the back of his car, and we were off! We relaxed and then went and grabbed a bite to eat and came home and started watching LOTR The Twin Towers. This morning I'm getting ready (Brandon has already left for work), and I'm just about ready to leave when I realize that my purse isn't in our house. I start searching around when I realize 'OH NO!!' I had left it in Brandon's car...No worries, I'll just go drive down to his work and pick it up. I start putting my shoes on and about to leave the house when I realize 'OH NO!!!' My keys are in my purse. So curently I am writing this and trying to figure out when I'll make it to work! I'm not going to lie, it's quite nice to relax in the morning and not worry about work. On the other hand it won't be fun working late to make up some hours. I guess we'll see.

So this past weekend our wedding photographers gave us a complimentary photoshoot with them. It was such a blast and I honestly can't wait to see the pictures! We'll get them in the next few weeks and I'm secretly hoping they'll be available to view online for my birthday, which by the way is in 9 days. I can't believe this year has flown by so fast! The saying must be true, time flies when you're having fun :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy late birthday Brandon!

I'm sorry I haven't really posted anything this week. We've been celebrating Brandon's birthday for quite some time! Brandon turned 23 on Tuesday (16th), but we started celebrating last friday. Last week we went bowling with friends and family at the local Jack and Jills bowling alley. I was able to get him a Wall-e cake which turned out delicious! I don't have the pictures quite up so I can't upload those so I'll add them within the next few days. I let Brandon open a gift was a BYU track jacket, very nice and he adores it. :)

Last Saturday was the big BYU vs UCLA game. We had literally perfect seats (minus the sun being on us the WHOLE time!) We were on the east side, 25 yard line about 30 rows up. It was so much fun and a great first game for me!! BYU killed UCLA 59-0. Apparently I'm good luck, just kidding. During the game we visited his famiy during half time. I love his family, and it's great to see where we'll be sitting when we're able to afford tickets! After the game we met up with family (Brad, Jean, Lauren, Brian, my Mom, Tyr and his friend), at Rumbi. It was great to eat some food after such a hot day! After eating we went back to our house and I started frosting the cake I made earlier that morning. When I started to light the candles they were melting to fast so I had to have Brandon help me! After we got the cake all lite up I made him go back into the living room and I attempted to walk the cake in without blowing out the candles, dropping it on the floor, and singing 'Happy Birthday', (I know I'm talented) ;).

So as you can tell we had our new 'Quest for perfection' shirts on, and we're both completely red...well at least I was. That night my Mom stayed at our house because she was driving back down to AZ the following morning. It was nice to be able to chat with her, but I do have to admit, it was better to fall asleep that night. We were so tired we left his lamp on throughout the whole night.

On Sunday before my Mom left she wanted to take a few picutres of us because she just got the new camera. What do you think?

Anyway, for this week it's mostly been work! On Brandon's birthday my Father was coming through town and he took us out to Olive Garden, and then he stayed over that night before he went down to Vegas, and then to fly out to Jamaica to visit my Step Mom. She's currently out there for her education. She got a scholarship for her Masters in Service so for the next few months she'll be in Jamaica and then off to England for the rest of her year.

I better get back to work! Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

For a Monday, it's been a pretty good day!

Like most people I dread Monday's! Luckily today has been quite an amazing day! :) For example, their was a co-worker that I helped get insurance a few months ago. It was a 'rush' deal because his sons were about to start football camp for BYU. Once I found that out we started talking and he offered to give Brandon and I tickets for a game or two. Last week I found out that this specific guy was no longer working at this company so I was slightly down because that meant we wouldn't get tickets. Today during lunch I received a call from my desk from this guy! He is having Brandon and I meet him and his family on Saturday, so now Brandon and I get to go to the BYU vs UCLA game! The best part about it is that we'll be celebrating Brandon's birthday this whole weekend so this just adds to the excitement!

On Friday I'm planning something for Brandon's party. So far all I've got is everyone meeting up at Jack and Jill's Bowling in American Fork, UT at 6:30 pm. There we can bowl, eat food and I'll bring a cake for my sweethearts 23 birthday! Granted his birthday isn't until the 16th but that's a Tuesday. I'm so excited to give him the gifts I got! I actually would like to get a few more so we'll see how that goes within the next few days :)

So last night we went to an amazing fireside at the Mariott Center in Provo. Elder Holland spoke on trials and how we are never truely alone. His words were truly inspirational and they touched my heart. Tonight Brandon and I will make some goals to start doing the things we have 'planned' on doing but just don't get around to. No more procrastination!

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our first loan!

Brandon and I were officially approved for a loan for my car! This is such and amazing blessing because now the credit will be put into our name, and also my payments will go down. :) Since the payments will go down, I can use that extra money to pay off the other debt we have.

We also got memberships to the Lehi Legacy Center to start working out and getting back into shape! We've only gone once, and it was swimming but it's quite the amazing place. Even just swimming once I feel slightly healthier. It's nice that we're pushing ourselves to become more healthy, I love how we're making goals and plans and following through with them. Life is wonderful!

After we went swimming on Monday we went to Walmart to get "munchies." And we found BYU Icecream! So happy, football season is coming up and Brandon is completely stoked that the first game is on Saturday 4 pm! Go Cougs!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camping at Bear Lake!

This past weekend was a blast! Tenille and I went up to Bear Lake with our Brother and Sister-In-Law, Colton and Hilary. (Interesting Fact: they got married 4 days after we did!) Getting up to the lake was a hassle, thanks to all the stupid construction and dumb drivers through Bountiful; we finally arrived at our campsite on the east side of the Lake at dusk, with just enough light to start up a fire, dinner, and the tent! 

Dinner was wonderful, we had fire roasted hot dogs and some Dutch Oven potatoes which would have been perfect had the bacon been just a bit crispier. Hilary whipped up a nice peach cobbler which we divided into fourths, and then topped it off with french vanilla ice cream! After dinner, we sank back to the tent and commenced a battle of Uno Attack, in which we had tons-o-fun!

The next morning we got up lazily and made breakfast, broke camp, and scurried back over to the west side of the lake where we met up with the rest of the fam. It was a bit breezy in the morning, but it didn't stop Colton and I from barreling out into the water. I came back somewhat dazed, and with a killa headache, and eventually took to the welcoming trailer bed and crashed with Ethan, the new kid on the block, on my chest. 

Waking up to a much calmer afternoon, we lingered a bit longer before going back down to Providence, where we loafed around the parents' house until everyone started to show up. Colton grilled up some hamburgers and fed near 30 people! After that, Tenille and I sunk heavily down to the guest bedroom and crashed once again.  'Twas a grand old time!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ah, The Married Life!

I have taken note lately that nearly every time Tenille and I run into family and friends, one of the first questions to get asked is, "How's the married life?!" (Usually the next question is, "Have you read the 'Twighlight' series!?" followed by our automated answer of , "No.")

The married life is, overall, great! It's definately come with some changes though. It's somewhat weird though hanging out with single folk. But we love our friends to death, don't get me wrong! It's also great because we get to enjoy the simple things of life that were set aside when we moved away from home. We love cooking dinner together, watching TV shows and movies together, cleaning and enjoying a clean house together, etc. We basically enjoy the "being together" part that typical newly-weds love.

Of course there have been minor disagreements here and there, but that's part of life. Plus, we're both mature enough to talk about such things and work anything out that must be resolved.

People have too often lived under the impression that "If you get married, say goodbye to your life!" ....Chyeah right! Say hello to life! This is the life! I love being married to Tenille, and being able to see her in the morning when I wake up, and to be able to laugh while watching "Friends" and "Family Guy", I love it all. I love knowing that I will always be someone's someone, and that she will always be there for me.

Ah, the married life.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello Blogspot!

I know, I know, everyone is getting a blogspot, but I figured it be good to have friends and family just jump on here and catch up on the news with Brandon and I.

Today is one of my best of best friends birthdays and Brandon and I are going to surprise her at work! Shh don't tell, we have Alyse another old roommate coming along as well. So far we are planning to get cake and perhaps icecream! Happy Birthday Laura!!! We love you.

After surprising Laura, Brandon and I plan on eating out at good ol' Fuddruckers. If you're ever looking for a great hamburger I'd recommend it to anyone.

This weekend we're planning on having a blast! So far we're leaving work early (wahoo!), and going camping up to Bear Lake on Friday night with Colton and Hilary and then the next day we'll be on the lake and the beach with family for the annual reunion. On Sunday is Ethan's baby blessing (and Brandon and my 3 month anniversary). Such a busy weekend, I can hardly wait! To bad it's Monday. :( Anyway! We'll be sure to write more!