Monday, July 29, 2013

Nursing take 2!

Nursing Ammon has been so much easier than it was with Connor. With Connor it always hurt me, I'm guessing now that he never had a good latch, but with Ammon the pain is virtually non existent! 

I'm also a little worried about my production, however I've been keeping up on my water intake and food calories much better than with Connor. The biggest tip I got was from a neighbor, drink 8 oz of water after every feeding! For some reason it makes it more manageable, and I usually end up drinking more. 

So things are good and just trying to stay positive! 

Potty training

So Connor is pretty much potty trained. I dare say between 85-95%. He goes all day without an accident (usually), and we even leave the house somedays without a pull up! Some nights we've even been lucky with a dry pull up, but usually it's not the case. Last night we took the baby proof lock off his door so he could get up in the middle of the night if he needs too. 

One fun thing, Brandon taught him how to pee standing. Now that's all he does, which is better for me, sometimes when he'd sit on the potty you never knew where'd he's shoot! Oh the joys of boys :) I'm very proud of my big boy, I can't believe he'll be 3 in two months!! Wow!

Taking it easy, but noticing changes.

Last Friday I started a work out at home. I was feeling a bit better, but not ready to run. So here's the circuits I did. (I'm not sure of the specific names, so this is how I describe them). 

20 crunches
20 crossover crunches per leg 
20 straight leg crunches
15 leg lifts per leg
15 inner leg lifts
30 second butterfly stretch
20 calf raises
15 squats

3 reps (I might do these on my off running days)

My thighs were burning for the rest of the day though. So that was good. 

Saturday I went to the gym and started on the elliptical thinking I'd go easy on my knees. Me not thinking I thought it'd be fun to do a 30 minute incline training exercise. Holy cow! I only made it in 13 minutes before deciding I needed to change to the treadmill. I definitely prefer the treadmill over elliptical.

Anyway, today I went in bright and early (6:45) and went straight to the treadmill. I would walk 2 min/run 1 min. I'm feeling good, I am slowly getting better. I didn't look at the time till there was only 10 seconds left of running instead of thirty, so some slow progress. Oh, I did walk/run 1.47 miles. Woop! 

I'd like to say I'm seeing small changes on my body. I think my stomach is a little flatter, but I might just be sitting up straighter. Who knows. I might take weekly photos and post them. Still debating. Like I said before, I'm more focused on feeling better about my body image than a number on the scale. So far I've liked walk/running more than I thought. Yay for exercise. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Now that's what you call ironic right there."

So apparently my body is against me starting to work out/train. I'm pretty sure this happens every time I try to get into shape. It's just not meant to be. ;)

Monday afternoon decided to give me a cold. Awesome. So I've been trying to rest up more to get healthy again! Hopefully I'm not sick for too long, I really need to train for this 5k. (Yes, I am that out of shape...I'm pretty sure I couldn't run longer than 30 seconds right now). 

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This last week I had my 6 week doctors appointment and I'm officially cleared to go back to regular life. Wahoo! I am so ready to get back into shape, I'm really not digging my jiggly tummy and thighs, boo. It's not very fun to have Connor poke my stomach and say "baby."  Ugh  :(

So I have three things to help my motivation. 1) I WANT IT. Now honestly I'm not really focused on a number on the scale. I just personally want to tone up. I want to feel more confident. 2) 5k. Brandon and I signed up for a 5k at the end of August called Man vs. Mud. I'm so stoked, but I definitely need to train. The best part is Brandon will be there to help and support me at the same time. Plus we're both competitive and I know we'll push each other. 3) Family pictures. My mother in law has said she wants to get family pictures done this fall. This picture could potentially be on the wall for over five years without being updated (like this last one). Call me crazy, but I want to look decent. 

So there you have it. I'm debating on posting pictures of my progress. I'm very self conscious right now so we'll see. Tomorrow is training day one. I'm excited, scared, nervous. I pray I can get back into shape AND keep my milk supply up. If any of the two people that read this have any good tips, please let
me know. :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birth Story Photos

Go to . You won't be disappointed! Also you should book her for your next photo session, she's amazing. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome to the world

(Warning: Some of this may be a bit graphic, it's a birth story and I don't want to forget any details. 

Also I tend to be long winded. Sorry if this is extremely long. And I'm proud to those who actually read through the whole thing.)

It first starts with my 38 weekly appointment (Thursday), we went in like normal, however I was slightly worried because I was starting to show signs of preeclampsia again. My doctor reassured me that everything looked fine and that I was still progressing (dilated to a 3). We then decided to have her strip my membranes, if it worked I would be in labor within 24-48 hours. If not then it would probably help me dilate more. Well  that night when my contractions usually would come for 2+ hours they never came. 

During the next day (Friday), I still hadn't had any contractions so I thought I needed to take matters into my own hands. When Connor went down for his nap I decided it was time to get this baby out! I first started to climb our stairs non-stop for 10 minutes, man let me tell you how out of shape I am! But, after the 10 minutes I started to have contractions again. Well that was enough motivation for me to keep going! So I started to do little circuits, I would walk the stairs 4-5 times, then walk around the house, then 10 squats. Once the contractions became consistent I decided to stop and count them, however they stopped after a few hours again. 

Saturday rolls around and I'm able to make it to my hair appointment. While I'm at the salon my contractions started up again, but they were very far apart so I wasn't worried. After my hair was done Brandon, Connor and I went to lunch. Again contractions started kicking in and so I started to time them. They were every two minutes lasting a minute each, we started joking about dropping Connor  off at Brandon's parents house, however when we got up and left they stopped, awesome. 

That afternoon we did end up going to his parents house. It was nice to let Connor play in their backyard plus I also got to walk/pace the baby out. Contractions were looking good, however every time I would stop or sit down they would stop, let me tell you it was frustrating! After a hour or so we decided to head home so Connor could take his nap before we ran errands. 

When we got home I needed to use the bathroom and I had quite a bit of bloody mucous and discharge. I thought it was probably normal but I still told Brandon about it. We ended up calling the on call doctor to find out if everything was ok and she said to head to the hospital to get checked because I was loosing my mucous plug. (Keep in mind this never happened with Connor, so it was new to me). Anyway, Brandon called his Mom and also told her the situation and she told him the same thing, including the fact that baby was actually on his way (side note: Brandon never told me she said the second part until after we were admitted). Needless to say he was really excited and just wanted to go! I on the other hand didn't want to get to disappointed with the hospital sending us home, plus Connor had only been asleep for a short time so I told Brandon we should pack our bathroom necessities and a bag for Connor just in case. Once everything was packed and in the car it was time to wake Connor and get us all in the car. 

The trip to the hospital couldn't have been better. I'm pretty sure we hit every green light and made it there in less than 10 minutes. I was already pre registered, so they just had to verify a few things and we were on our way to our room.

They had me change into my lovely gown and started monitors on me while Brandon set up a movie for Connor. After being there for about a half a hour they finally checked me and come to find out I was a 4+ close to a 5 and in pre labor. The nurse looked at me and said "well you're not going anywhere!" That was news to me! Shortly after that we started calling/texting family and friends the news. 

After a hour or so Brandon's parents came to get Connor. I was blessed to have Brandon and my Father in Law give me a blessing after my doctor broke my water. 

About 10 minutes after the blessing I was able to get my epidural and it was just the waiting game after that! They checked me again about a half a hour after the epidural and I was a 6 so they decided to not put me on pitocin because my body was already progressing naturally by itself. 

After another short time Brandon had to meet his parents downstairs because he had given them our key to pick up Connors church clothes (we forgot to pack them, oops). When he came back there was someone else with him...One of my best friends, Jill! He had secretly contacted her to come and shoot the birth without me knowing, and she had just booked it from Utah County. I cried a lot, it was so nice to have her there, I've really missed her since we moved. 

Another hour passed and the nurse came to check me and sure enough I was still a 6. Awesome, at this point it was 11:15 PM and they decided to put me on pitocin. They uped the dose of pitocin about 30-45 min later and around 12:30ish and said I was ready to go! 

7 minutes of pushing, 5 contractions, 5 pushes and our baby boy was here! Might I add that while I was pushing the doctor said she saw a head full of dark hair, I thought she was joking and didn't believe her until Brandon said the same thing! I was in total shock! 

*The two photos above are credited to Jill Witt Photography*

We first name him Taysom, but later on after we both got some rest, Brandon said it wasn't right so we changed it. 

Ammon David Holyoak was born on 6/2/13 at 12:43 AM, weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 1/2 in long. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick baby update

Last week we had an ultrasound and found out baby boy is measuring perfectly fine, he's just dropped really low. The next day we had our dr appointment and found out I was at a 2+ cm dilated and 70% effaced, so at least I'm slowly progressing. 

Dr want to strip my membranes at this weeks appointment, but I'm still unsure. My USU orientation is next Tuesday and I don't want to stress about my wonderful mother in law watching both boys. 

With that said, my ankles have started to balloon up like they did with Connor and I was preeclamptic. So I get to call the dr today to see her opinion. It's kind of funny that it's happening at the exact same week that it did with Connor. Either way it looks like baby boy will be here within the week! (Dr is willing to induce me for sure on June 5, maybe even the afternoon of June 4th cause that's when I have my appointment.). 

We're definitely getting anxious to meet this little guy! 

5 years!

This past Friday was our five year anniversary! We have been so blessed and so can't believe how fast those years flew by. I love having adventures with my best friend. :)

So last year we had originally been planning on a big trip to Disneyland. However since I'm 37+ weeks pregnant that plan sort of fell through. All last week we both felt guilty because we didn't have any plans. (It's hard to plan when you could potentially go into labor any moment). 

To make a long story short I had the impression to check out Anniversary Inn and see if they had any deals. Well come to find out any room still available during the 24-26 we're only $129! What a steal! So I checked the rooms and they actually had the room that Brandon and I stayed in during our honeymoon available (Thanks Jenn and Lance!). So I let Brandon know and he said he'd call and look into it. 

For those of you who don't know I'm a huge planner. I wish I could be fun and spontaneous, but it kind of gives me anxiety to spend a lot of money like that without truly thinking about it. However, this was our anniversary...five years! How can we not celebrate it? 

So Brandon called me about fifteen minutes later telling me to pack a bag and one for Connor :) While I was packing he ended up coming home early from work to surprise me. 

We had a great night. We ate at a restaurant cal The Elements and sat on the patio. It was so serene with a little stream going by, the food was delish and we got a free dessert thanks to Brandon mentioning it was our anniversary! Then we went to check in and that's when Brandon surprised me again when a masseuse came in to give me a prenatal massage! Heaven sent. After that we enjoyed the ginormous tub that actually fits me and talked. I love just talking with my sweetheart. :) 

Brandon also surprised me with a movie package where we got soda's, candy, and popcorn AND he got us bathrobes and anniversary inn champagne glasses. Look at my sneaky saver. 

The next morning we lounged which was heaven. Another bath, a morning nap. HEAVEN! After we got ready we went on a walk around downtown Logan and got lunch at the Center Street Grill, yum! 

It was the perfect little getaway! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dr Appointment Update

So here's the dealio...

Last Thursday I had my 36 week dr appointment and things started off great. Heart beat is great, baby boy is active. When she went to check the measurement of baby I knew something wasn't right. She measured, looked at the number, then the computer then measured again. Apparently baby is measuring a little small (at 34 weeks instead of 36) which could be potentially a few things. A) Baby dropped and he's kind of hidden so it's harder to measure. B) Baby has stopped growth, and will need to be taken out at 37 weeks because he'll have a better chance at growing outside (basically the placenta isn't working anymore). C) Fluid levels have been going down. 

So this Wednesday will be a big day. We have an ultrasound to find out how baby is truly doing. If his growth rate is 11% or higher they will leave him be. If he is 10% or lower we will be having a baby this week. I'm feeling almost selfish because this week is our anniversary and I don't want to share that day, but in the end we need to do what's best for him. 

Granted since my dr checked me I have been having consistent fiery back pain and contractions lasting two minutes every two minutes apart at night. So who knows! Maybe he'll just come early. I'm just hoping he's healthy and developing as he should. 

So lets hope and pray that Wednesday comes fast! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

36 Weeks

So today I have my 36 week appointment and I'm actually kind of nervous. 

First we had a scare three weeks ago. We were at a family event in Sandy and basically we thought my water broke. My concerns were that a) I had just gone to the bathroom so my bladder was empty five minutes prior, b) my jean capris were soaked through in the crotch area, c) I was induced with Connor so how was I supposed to know! Long story short, we made our way home and to the hospital, I got all checked in and they ran a bunch of lovely tests that thankfully came back negative. 

Second they check me today. For me it's kind of bitter sweet because I'm starting to get big, uncomfortable and slow. I want to be progressing, I want baby to come, but I also need him to stay put until after school orientation on June 4th. 

So basically I want him to come now, but I don't. Welcome to the mind of a pregnant woman! 

Now you may have noticed that we have been calling this munchkin "baby." Well I'll be honest, it's because we haven't come up with a name...or maybe I should say we haven't decided on one. We've had a list we've slowly been narrowing down. It was down to three names and just the other day we brought it down to two. It's been so hard for me to not call him by a name, but I just haven't had any impressions like I did with Connor...Plus, his 3D ultrasound picture looks like Connor...So now it's just a waiting game for when we see him. Which hasn't been fun for an impatient planner. 

So those are my nervous thoughts going through my head before our dr appointment this morning. My next big task is to get my hospital bag packed and newborn clothes washed. This has just flown by!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potty training tangent

Nothing makes you have to go to the bathroom more than watching your child sit on the potty and do nothing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lists and lists

So baby boy is coming in around 4 months... 4 months! I know that's still a lot of time, but this pregnancy has flown by. Over the past few weeks I've been writing lists of things that I want to stock up on and prepare for before this guy makes his debut!

One of my lists is things to make. I had car seat cover, burp clothes and muslin blankets (the gauze type blankets). Well last night I probably started on this later than I should have, but I started and finished the new car seat cover! I know it's not perfect but I love it!

We still have more stuff to work on, but it's nice to start checking things off!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cravings and Guessing

This little munchkin is craving basically the complete opposite of Connor. With Connor I wanted lots of fruits and veggies. Nothing greasy or cheesy and I was pretty much opposed to all meats.

This little one is having me craving all sorts of junk food, which is hard when Brandon is on a diet/weight loss challenge! Cravings this time consist of potatoes (baked, mashed, French fried, etc. I am just in love right now), Mexican food, Oreo shakes, Coke, and pretty much anything sweet or salty! If it was my choice I would just snack on these things all day, but I know that's not the best thing. Even if its delicious :)

Right now Brandon and I are on a guessing game because tomorrow afternoon we find out if its a boy/girl! Tomorrow morning I'll be posting the question about what people think and honestly we'd be happy with either one. Since I've had a few complications with this one I'm just hoping everything is healthy.

So please pray that things are good and that baby is cooperative tomorrow!