Thursday, July 29, 2010

Healthy Choices

Last week I had one of my monthly doctors appointments. We went in like any other time, and the doctor starts talking about my weight. (YIKES!) He told me that I've gained quite a bit of weight, and that I should watch my portions and exercise more. To say the least, I took it hard! (What woman wouldn't?!) The next morning I told Brandon I wanted to change a few habits (some were just for me, some he couldn't avoid). Here are the changes we made last week:

*No Soda (This is mostly for me, but he has joined along as well. Granted he did drink some rootbeer last night, but reassured me that it was very flat, so it didn't count. Haha)
*Eating Dinner before 8 PM (The first few days it was hard, but I started to realize how much better I was feeling! It is harder than I thought since it's light till 9:30!)
*More Walking (Quite hard when your ankles are the size of baseballs, sorry for those that have noticed!)
*Switching from 2% Milk to 1% (Gasp! Brandon was a little hesitant on this one, but I told him he wouldn't be able to tell to much.)
I know that they aren't a lot of changes, but I feel small and steady wins the race. :) I'm hoping in doing these things it will balance our diets a bit more (and my weight!)
Today Brandon was talking to his co-worker about his weight loss goals and asking him for advance on what changes to make. Guess what he said...First and foremost eat dinner before 8 PM (I'm a genius), and switch to 1% or skim milk (Again!). I was a little surprised when Brandon told me this, because I am not a healthy person, (chocolate is definately a weakness, and Jill's cupcakes...YUM) but I think we're starting to make good changes for us.
P.S. Can you believe it's almost August!? WOW has time flown by!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Afternoon at Temple Square

This last weekend Brandon and I decided that we should take a little break and do something fun, we thought to ourselves, let's go to Temple Square. So we hopped into our car and drove up to SLC. We decided we were going to park under the Conference Center, because it was shaded, so we headed on our way down to the underground parking. When we got to the bottom we found that the gates were opened on both sides, so Brandon asked what was going on. Apparently there had been a funeral that day and so they were letting anyone park there for FREE Saturday only. Wahoo!
Anyway, we start walking across the street to Temple Square and decide that we're going to go see the Christus first. As we're walking up to the Christus I realize that we hadn't been there since we first dated (2 1/2 years ago)! It was neat to sit down together and just feel the spirit in that room. As we were there we got to hear his words in Korean, Spanish and English. The best part was watching Brandon during the Spanish words, it brought him back to when he was on his mission and he got a bit teary eyed. (I love him so much, so cute!). After the English words we asked a lovely person to take our picture pretty close to where we had one of our first pictures taken.
December 2007

July 2010

After the Christus, we started to walk around the grounds and had a lovely missionary sister took our picture. (I'm really trying to be better of taking more pictures of Brandon and I, I've been slacking on this aspect, so I'm sorry!)

After the picture, we went to the South Visitor's Center and saw the new model of the SLC temple. Wow! That thing is amazing!! It was neat to look at it and think "I've been there!" I love the temple, it's the best feeling to do temple work.

After we saw the model we walked around the Joseph Smith Memorial building and made our way across the street to the new Deseret Book store. I love looking at all the artwork and the new books. We then started to get a bit thirsty so we went across the way to Blue Lemon to get a smoothie. When we walked in Brandon immediately noticed a worker there and called him by his name, psychic? More like stalker. (Just kidding). Come to find out Brandon knew the manager from High School! As the caught up on life I downed half of the tropical smoothie they made. YUM! I'm definately a fan of their smoothies, Brandon and I plan on going back to try their food sometime.

As we left Blue Lemon, we thought that we could attempt to figure out Trax. I had heard before that in downtown SLC there was a "free zone." Well, we decided to take it to the Gateway. We traveled safe and sound, and mostly just walked around, it was nice to get out on a beautiful day though!

I do have to say, we missed being with the Witt's and Tobler's going down the river! But next year we'll be back to enjoy Riggins with them again!