Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick baby update

Last week we had an ultrasound and found out baby boy is measuring perfectly fine, he's just dropped really low. The next day we had our dr appointment and found out I was at a 2+ cm dilated and 70% effaced, so at least I'm slowly progressing. 

Dr want to strip my membranes at this weeks appointment, but I'm still unsure. My USU orientation is next Tuesday and I don't want to stress about my wonderful mother in law watching both boys. 

With that said, my ankles have started to balloon up like they did with Connor and I was preeclamptic. So I get to call the dr today to see her opinion. It's kind of funny that it's happening at the exact same week that it did with Connor. Either way it looks like baby boy will be here within the week! (Dr is willing to induce me for sure on June 5, maybe even the afternoon of June 4th cause that's when I have my appointment.). 

We're definitely getting anxious to meet this little guy! 

5 years!

This past Friday was our five year anniversary! We have been so blessed and so can't believe how fast those years flew by. I love having adventures with my best friend. :)

So last year we had originally been planning on a big trip to Disneyland. However since I'm 37+ weeks pregnant that plan sort of fell through. All last week we both felt guilty because we didn't have any plans. (It's hard to plan when you could potentially go into labor any moment). 

To make a long story short I had the impression to check out Anniversary Inn and see if they had any deals. Well come to find out any room still available during the 24-26 we're only $129! What a steal! So I checked the rooms and they actually had the room that Brandon and I stayed in during our honeymoon available (Thanks Jenn and Lance!). So I let Brandon know and he said he'd call and look into it. 

For those of you who don't know I'm a huge planner. I wish I could be fun and spontaneous, but it kind of gives me anxiety to spend a lot of money like that without truly thinking about it. However, this was our anniversary...five years! How can we not celebrate it? 

So Brandon called me about fifteen minutes later telling me to pack a bag and one for Connor :) While I was packing he ended up coming home early from work to surprise me. 

We had a great night. We ate at a restaurant cal The Elements and sat on the patio. It was so serene with a little stream going by, the food was delish and we got a free dessert thanks to Brandon mentioning it was our anniversary! Then we went to check in and that's when Brandon surprised me again when a masseuse came in to give me a prenatal massage! Heaven sent. After that we enjoyed the ginormous tub that actually fits me and talked. I love just talking with my sweetheart. :) 

Brandon also surprised me with a movie package where we got soda's, candy, and popcorn AND he got us bathrobes and anniversary inn champagne glasses. Look at my sneaky saver. 

The next morning we lounged which was heaven. Another bath, a morning nap. HEAVEN! After we got ready we went on a walk around downtown Logan and got lunch at the Center Street Grill, yum! 

It was the perfect little getaway! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dr Appointment Update

So here's the dealio...

Last Thursday I had my 36 week dr appointment and things started off great. Heart beat is great, baby boy is active. When she went to check the measurement of baby I knew something wasn't right. She measured, looked at the number, then the computer then measured again. Apparently baby is measuring a little small (at 34 weeks instead of 36) which could be potentially a few things. A) Baby dropped and he's kind of hidden so it's harder to measure. B) Baby has stopped growth, and will need to be taken out at 37 weeks because he'll have a better chance at growing outside (basically the placenta isn't working anymore). C) Fluid levels have been going down. 

So this Wednesday will be a big day. We have an ultrasound to find out how baby is truly doing. If his growth rate is 11% or higher they will leave him be. If he is 10% or lower we will be having a baby this week. I'm feeling almost selfish because this week is our anniversary and I don't want to share that day, but in the end we need to do what's best for him. 

Granted since my dr checked me I have been having consistent fiery back pain and contractions lasting two minutes every two minutes apart at night. So who knows! Maybe he'll just come early. I'm just hoping he's healthy and developing as he should. 

So lets hope and pray that Wednesday comes fast! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

36 Weeks

So today I have my 36 week appointment and I'm actually kind of nervous. 

First we had a scare three weeks ago. We were at a family event in Sandy and basically we thought my water broke. My concerns were that a) I had just gone to the bathroom so my bladder was empty five minutes prior, b) my jean capris were soaked through in the crotch area, c) I was induced with Connor so how was I supposed to know! Long story short, we made our way home and to the hospital, I got all checked in and they ran a bunch of lovely tests that thankfully came back negative. 

Second they check me today. For me it's kind of bitter sweet because I'm starting to get big, uncomfortable and slow. I want to be progressing, I want baby to come, but I also need him to stay put until after school orientation on June 4th. 

So basically I want him to come now, but I don't. Welcome to the mind of a pregnant woman! 

Now you may have noticed that we have been calling this munchkin "baby." Well I'll be honest, it's because we haven't come up with a name...or maybe I should say we haven't decided on one. We've had a list we've slowly been narrowing down. It was down to three names and just the other day we brought it down to two. It's been so hard for me to not call him by a name, but I just haven't had any impressions like I did with Connor...Plus, his 3D ultrasound picture looks like Connor...So now it's just a waiting game for when we see him. Which hasn't been fun for an impatient planner. 

So those are my nervous thoughts going through my head before our dr appointment this morning. My next big task is to get my hospital bag packed and newborn clothes washed. This has just flown by!