Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Pictures Are Here!

Our Wedding photographers took 'engagement' pictures of Brandon and I around our 4 month anniversary for Free! We were finally able to see the images online this weekend. They're amazing! I have a few below, but if you would like to see the others I'll give you the information.

They loved the flower ones the best!

It's so beautiful around fall!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Surprises!

This past Friday (10/10), was my birthday! I've been trying quite hard to convince Brandon to tell me what the plans were but to much pleading he still held his tongue. The day finally came and I got up and went to work. Work was normal like usualy except Brandon was 'training' so we wouldn't be able to chat on google talk throughout the day. When lunch rolled around a co-worker of mine took me to Kneaders and paid for lunch, since we took a shorter lunch than usual we decided to go to Downeast Outfitters in American Fork and try on a few items. As Savannah is in the changing room I get a call from my dear husband giving me 'specific instructions' to stay where I am. I literally laugh and tell him if he's on his way to my work I'm not there but he can pick me up at Downeast. :)

Once Brandon picked me up he then instructed me to close my eyes and trust him. Recently I get very car sick and nauseous so I wasn't very thrilled about this part, but seeing as he had kept this a secret thus far I felt like I should try my best. Brandon starts driving around and a short while later we're at a stop. I'm instructed to keep my eyes closed as he helps me out of the car (p.s. I'm wearing heels...and for those of you who know me I suck at wearing heels), and I attempt to not fall on my face. We walk a few paces and he lets me know I can open my eyes. To my surprise Brandon had brought me to Massage Envy! We went straight in and got a 'couple massage'. Basically they had 2 massage tables in the room and we got massages at the same time.

After the massages Brandon let me decide whether we should go home and I can open my presents, or we could drive down to my work and get my car then register me into school. I of course choose the opening presents :) As we drove home he continued to apologize on how he couldn't wrap all the presents, but I said it'd be ok. We walk into the house and the first present I notice is that the house is clean! The next thing I noticed is Brandon got me the Twilight series of books (all hardcover), the newest Rascal Flatts cd, a Chocolate Truffle Cake, a necklace, and a new computer desk! My husband is soo amazing! I can't believe he spoiled me so much!!

We were then off to get my car from work/register me into school. Last Thursday Brandon and I decided I should go back into school. I decided to go into Medical Office Administration and I was extremely excited to start ASAP. When we got to the school however they told me I'd have to speak with a counselor before I could register so I planned on registering Monday morning. Since we couldn't register we dropped my car off at home on the way to Sandy to have dinner with Brandon's family. Brandon's Uncle Doug was in town from Hong Kong and so there was a festive evening planned at Golden Corral that night. It was hard to keep my birthday a secret but I tried for the most part (I didn't want to steal the evening from Doug!). At the end of the night we went back to the 'Cooks' house and played signs with the whole family!

That was basically my birthday! I am so grateful for my husband and I adore him so much. I love him and I couldn't be happier! Thanks babe!

(On a side note on Sunday night Brandon and I decided to use the money I got for school to pay off some debt and consolidate our bills. We've paid off four bills and it is quite a relief. I do however plan on going to school soon and I will keep you updated when that will happen. Hopefully around the same time Brandon goes back to school!)

Super Savings

So last week Brandon and I decided to splurge a little bit and dip into our savings to grab a few things we need. These three main items were a queen sized down comforter, and two winter coats for us (one for each). In our savings we had around 450 to spend on these items.

We started at Ross Dress for Less in American Fork. Searching around we find a queen down comforter for.....$30! After that we drove down to Burlington Coat Factory in Orem. We found double winter coats for both Brandon and I and the prices were...$40 (Brandon), $60 (Tenille). WOW! I never thought we'd be able to find such great deals!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Tenille

Ha! I would like to take this opportunity to say... that my wife is SO FREAKIN CUTE!! Her birthday is on Friday and I have something special planned.. and for once, I am actually succeeding at keeping it a secret! (Ah... clever me.)

She's a wonderful example to me. I've know of none other so committed, so dedicated to that which they do. She's my dream come true.

She's currently at work right now helping out payroll, which is normal for her- going the extra mile and all. She jokes about how sometimes she's a perfectionist, but I think it's God-given and just plain old cute. I may never truly understand her, but I know that the more I do, the more I will appreciate her, and the more I will love her.

We're going bowling tonight with our good friend Laura, who shortly will be returning to Washington for minor medical reasons. I know that it's been a hard day at work for Tenille, and I hope that she knows that as much as Laura will miss her, I love Tenille 10 times more (yeah, I'm a suck up).

I love my Tenille, and I always, always will.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yay for absent minds.

So last night Brandon and I decided to go to the Lehi Rec Center and relax in the hot tubs. Mostly Brandon decided to take me there because I've been so sore from hiking/falling out of a tree/scraping myself on an old train cart etc etc. So I grabbed my purse and threw it in the back of his car, and we were off! We relaxed and then went and grabbed a bite to eat and came home and started watching LOTR The Twin Towers. This morning I'm getting ready (Brandon has already left for work), and I'm just about ready to leave when I realize that my purse isn't in our house. I start searching around when I realize 'OH NO!!' I had left it in Brandon's car...No worries, I'll just go drive down to his work and pick it up. I start putting my shoes on and about to leave the house when I realize 'OH NO!!!' My keys are in my purse. So curently I am writing this and trying to figure out when I'll make it to work! I'm not going to lie, it's quite nice to relax in the morning and not worry about work. On the other hand it won't be fun working late to make up some hours. I guess we'll see.

So this past weekend our wedding photographers gave us a complimentary photoshoot with them. It was such a blast and I honestly can't wait to see the pictures! We'll get them in the next few weeks and I'm secretly hoping they'll be available to view online for my birthday, which by the way is in 9 days. I can't believe this year has flown by so fast! The saying must be true, time flies when you're having fun :)