Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our first loan!

Brandon and I were officially approved for a loan for my car! This is such and amazing blessing because now the credit will be put into our name, and also my payments will go down. :) Since the payments will go down, I can use that extra money to pay off the other debt we have.

We also got memberships to the Lehi Legacy Center to start working out and getting back into shape! We've only gone once, and it was swimming but it's quite the amazing place. Even just swimming once I feel slightly healthier. It's nice that we're pushing ourselves to become more healthy, I love how we're making goals and plans and following through with them. Life is wonderful!

After we went swimming on Monday we went to Walmart to get "munchies." And we found BYU Icecream! So happy, football season is coming up and Brandon is completely stoked that the first game is on Saturday 4 pm! Go Cougs!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camping at Bear Lake!

This past weekend was a blast! Tenille and I went up to Bear Lake with our Brother and Sister-In-Law, Colton and Hilary. (Interesting Fact: they got married 4 days after we did!) Getting up to the lake was a hassle, thanks to all the stupid construction and dumb drivers through Bountiful; we finally arrived at our campsite on the east side of the Lake at dusk, with just enough light to start up a fire, dinner, and the tent! 

Dinner was wonderful, we had fire roasted hot dogs and some Dutch Oven potatoes which would have been perfect had the bacon been just a bit crispier. Hilary whipped up a nice peach cobbler which we divided into fourths, and then topped it off with french vanilla ice cream! After dinner, we sank back to the tent and commenced a battle of Uno Attack, in which we had tons-o-fun!

The next morning we got up lazily and made breakfast, broke camp, and scurried back over to the west side of the lake where we met up with the rest of the fam. It was a bit breezy in the morning, but it didn't stop Colton and I from barreling out into the water. I came back somewhat dazed, and with a killa headache, and eventually took to the welcoming trailer bed and crashed with Ethan, the new kid on the block, on my chest. 

Waking up to a much calmer afternoon, we lingered a bit longer before going back down to Providence, where we loafed around the parents' house until everyone started to show up. Colton grilled up some hamburgers and fed near 30 people! After that, Tenille and I sunk heavily down to the guest bedroom and crashed once again.  'Twas a grand old time!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ah, The Married Life!

I have taken note lately that nearly every time Tenille and I run into family and friends, one of the first questions to get asked is, "How's the married life?!" (Usually the next question is, "Have you read the 'Twighlight' series!?" followed by our automated answer of , "No.")

The married life is, overall, great! It's definately come with some changes though. It's somewhat weird though hanging out with single folk. But we love our friends to death, don't get me wrong! It's also great because we get to enjoy the simple things of life that were set aside when we moved away from home. We love cooking dinner together, watching TV shows and movies together, cleaning and enjoying a clean house together, etc. We basically enjoy the "being together" part that typical newly-weds love.

Of course there have been minor disagreements here and there, but that's part of life. Plus, we're both mature enough to talk about such things and work anything out that must be resolved.

People have too often lived under the impression that "If you get married, say goodbye to your life!" ....Chyeah right! Say hello to life! This is the life! I love being married to Tenille, and being able to see her in the morning when I wake up, and to be able to laugh while watching "Friends" and "Family Guy", I love it all. I love knowing that I will always be someone's someone, and that she will always be there for me.

Ah, the married life.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello Blogspot!

I know, I know, everyone is getting a blogspot, but I figured it be good to have friends and family just jump on here and catch up on the news with Brandon and I.

Today is one of my best of best friends birthdays and Brandon and I are going to surprise her at work! Shh don't tell, we have Alyse another old roommate coming along as well. So far we are planning to get cake and perhaps icecream! Happy Birthday Laura!!! We love you.

After surprising Laura, Brandon and I plan on eating out at good ol' Fuddruckers. If you're ever looking for a great hamburger I'd recommend it to anyone.

This weekend we're planning on having a blast! So far we're leaving work early (wahoo!), and going camping up to Bear Lake on Friday night with Colton and Hilary and then the next day we'll be on the lake and the beach with family for the annual reunion. On Sunday is Ethan's baby blessing (and Brandon and my 3 month anniversary). Such a busy weekend, I can hardly wait! To bad it's Monday. :( Anyway! We'll be sure to write more!