Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's the time to catch up on blogging!

This year for Thanksgiving, Brandon and I made the turkey! It was quite the adventure, and to say the least, we're going to try and not make one for a long time! :) It's not that it was bad, it was just very nerve wracking. We had lots of fun with family though. My Mother, brother and his friend came over and we got to eat, play a few games and then watch a comedy show. My family ended up leaving early and so Brandon and I decided to finish off the day with his family at Classic Skating! We were lucky enough to get one picture in before our camera died.

A few days later was the BYU - UTAH game. Such an entertaining game. Both teams played very well. Here's a picture of some cousins and us at the end of the game! (Jerrica,James,Me,Brandon)

For awhile now Brandon has been begging me to buy cinnamon rolls. Now you need to realize growing up (for me) my mother would make them from scratch (every once in a blue moon) and it would be a glorious day. They were always fantastic, and since I've gone out on my own, have been wanting to make them, however I was very terrified at the same time! My mom would always tell me horror stories how other family members had tried to make them but never would succeed...(I had horrible black and white dreams of me failing...) Long story short, last Monday I decided to surprise Brandon. They turned out great! I think next time I'll make them I'll give more out though, we don't need that many to eat :)

Last Thursday we went up to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert. Since Brandon's cousin is in the choir (and is absolutely fabulous I might add), she gave us a few tickets! We were able to go up with a few of our wonderful neighbours and enjoy the evening. Minus the traffic (Jazz game + MoTab Concert + construction = no bueno), and being late it was a great night! Concert was great, company =awesome, and to top it off the Toblers hid hot cocoa and plastic cups in the snow so we could have a tasty drink afterwards!
The Wonderful Witt's!
The Terrific Toblers! (hot cocoa included)

Brandon and Me

Friday, November 13, 2009


(Brandon talking here, rare I know)
So this has been quite the week of changes for some of our friends. Some have gotten word of eventual loss of employment, others have gotten married, some having to seek medical aid, some just on the verge of venturing out on their own into the world.

Have you ever asked yourself what you would say to such people that go through so many changes in life? I am attempting to answer that right now.

Change can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some changes are good, others not so much. Change can be unexpected and sneaky-like, and it can also be well anticipated and planned for, like a mountain which you can see far off that you know will eventually be your next path, or climb. It can also be dreamed of and sought for, and on the other hand it can be dreaded and fearful. Whatever shape or form change may take in your life, the main question is how do you deal with it?

I have always believed that the world is what we make of it. On a more personal level, I would take this phrase one step further to say YOUR world is what YOU make of it. I personally have experienced many changes in my life, some of them clearly unexpected, for better and for worse, sometimes so quickly that I have felt like my life was in high gear and often did I wonder in those times if I would ever be able to relax and get used to my new surroundings.

Those of you who may find yourself in a similar situation, or feel you can relate to the aforementioned description, may I suggest a few things that I found may be helpful in the stressful waves that change typically brings, whether for better or worse.

  • Go back to basics. Remember that there is beauty in simplicity. A lot of times in life we human beings (especially adults) tend to overcomplicate things. This can often be a tall order to some, who feel they have to juggle so many different thoughts, feelings, patterns of life, etc. at once. My dad once taught me a simple rule called K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid!
  • Remember that change is one of if not the only consistency in life. Change is not a new thing - we have always been around change. It's a part of our life.
  • Recognize that there are some things in life that just don't change all that often, if at all. However, don't think for one second that YOU are one of those unchanging things; deny it all you'd like. Human beings grow just like any other organism on this earth. That growth is change. How YOU grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and most of the time even physically, is entirely up to you.
  • Principles are some of the rarely changing essences in our environment. Some of these principles are good foundation builders to help establish yourself, as well as those around you. Some of those principles are Truth, Integrity, Knowledge, Hard Work, Desire, Humility, Discipline, Respect, and the list goes on.
I think it's quite safe to say that we all experience high's and low's at some point in time. Robert Frost once said, "Most of the change ... we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor." I couldn't agree more with this statement.

Money tends to influence the tides of change a lot these days, especially with the well known recession. Blame who you want, but perhaps the following quote might shed some light on your thoughts in case you have forgotten what REALLY influences change more than money:

"Money may be the husk of many things, but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; acquaintances, but not friends; servants, but not faithfulness; days of joy, but not peace or happiness." ~ Henrik Ibsen

For those of you having a GREAT time right now because of that is going on right now... Congratulations! I am genuinely happy for you! Enjoy it; remember that tomorrow is another day. To those who may be reading this that are having a hard time right now because of all that change swirling about you... hang in there, tomorrow is another day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Obsessions

We have a few new obsessions in our life...

The first is a show called The Biggest Loser. After the first episode we were hanging out with our neighbors when they started to talk about it! It intrigued Brandon and I so we started to record the shows - but a few weeks of recording we still hadn't watched any episodes...well this past week we finally buckled down and watched the second episode...WOW are we hooked! We watched all the episodes (that were recorded) and caught up yesterday. :) We can't stand Tracey and seriously want her to get kicked off immediately! I don't know how she does it - but I want to punch her in the face everytime she opens her mouth...This show is so motivational though, since we watched the first episode Brandon has started to wake up early and go walking/sprinting while I get ready for work. It's made me want to watch less t.v. when I get home in the afternoons and focus on making our home a better place. Brandon has already lost 5 pounds and I am so proud of him, I can also tell he has more energy and is more alert before he's off to work!

My next obsession is the Fablehaven book series. Before I was let go I started to read the first one, and when I had my two week vacation (haha), and when I wasn't searching for a job I was reading these books. There are four books out and one more to come out this upcoming spring and I can't wait! I love jumping into a series and loving the story! It makes me want to read more...and I love to read! I feel so much better when I can read a book than if I had watched t.v. all day.

So those are the recent things going on in our lives - hopefully we can continue to stay motivated!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sexy Seniors Preview! who thought I was talking about hot old people when I put up the title? ;)

One of my lovely sister (n laws) is a senior, and this week is her UEA break, so Chelsey (sister) and her bubbly friend Amy decided to come down and visit with Brandon and I over the next few days! During this time I get to take their senior pictures! We are planning two photo shoots - one was yesterday afternoon and the next one will be Saturday! Here are two of my favorites I had time to edit last night!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Forever Family

On Saturday September 19th, 2009 T.J., Aubrey, Ethan (and baby Ashton - not born yet ;) ) Kingsford were sealed as an eternal family for time and all eternity in the Logan Temple.

What a special event to witness. I love this family!

Unanswered Prayers

For those of you who don't know, about two weeks ago I got called into an office and got the news that I was getting laid off because of downsizing. For many that can be very unsettling, scary and heartbreaking...and it was. At the same time, I kept having the feeling like everything would be okay. I didn't know how, or what would happen, I just knew we were going to be okay.

Since I got laid off at my old company, every morning was the same: Get up, pray, read scriptures, get online and apply for jobs, read a book, clean up the house, go back online and apply for more jobs, etc. I received a few phone calls here and there and had a few interviews. During this time Brandon and I were fortunate enough to go to the temple when I was feeling uncertain and again I felt an overwhelming assurity that we would be okay.

Two weeks from the day I was laid off I received a job offer at a great company, and today was my first day!

I am very grateful for unanswered prayers. There were a few positions where I was praying that they would call me back, but I never heard from them, or if I did it was to say they had gone with someone else. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I am very grateful for my Heavenly Father and for the comforting spirit he sent to my family over the past weeks.

I will miss my old co-workers, they have become great friends and I know that I will stay in touch. I am also grateful I was able to work at my previous job because that is where I met my best friend (other than Brandon ;) ) She has become a great influence in my life and I'm so grateful I got to spend every weekday with her.

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the testimony I have. I am grateful for unanswered prayers and know that when I truely put my trust in my Heavenly Father he will guide me. I love my husband and I am so grateful for his optimistic attiude over the past few weeks.

I hope everyone had a great Monday! I love you all :D

Monday, August 24, 2009

Preview of this Past Weekend

We did so much this past weekend! I really don't have time to write about it now, but here's a picture :)

(P.S. Sarah is here too!! From this angle she's missing :( Like I said I'll add more info later. ;) )

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why I'm grateful for my Husband

There are so many reasons why I am grateful for my husband, I just would like to write down a few that pertain to my life right now.

1. I told Brandon a little while back that one of my ambitions is to be a photographer. I know I am a rookie, but Brandon has supported me all the way. He has helped me purchase our first SLR camera. He is always giving me feedback and lifting my esteem on images that I take and show him; And even today he let me use him as a model so I can work on figuring out my camera's manual setting better.

2. Brandon has unconditional love that is so amazing, most people don't even know! He loves me for my flaws, my weaknesses and he tries to build me up and help me face my fears. Not only will he help me to acknowledge my wrongs, and help me strive to be better, but he'll be by my side the whole time holding my hand.

3. He is patient with me, even though I am not a patient person. Brandon has found out that when I want something, and I put my heart and soul into it, I want it now. Lucky enough for him, he is able to tease me about, but at the same time help me be realistic with our goals and dreams.

4. He is giving. I love to give and to help others. I am lucky enough to have a husband that loves to give as well! He is always worried about my needs and comforts, giving me foot rubs or back massages, cleaning the house when I am being lazy, but the best thing, is he loves to give to family and friends. He is constantly worrying about family and friends, and I know that a lot of them don't know. They are constantly in our prayers.

5. Brandon is a worthy priesthood holder with a strong firm testimony of our Savior. I am grateful Brandon keeps his commandments and is a worthy priesthood holder. It is such a blessing to be able to go to my husband and ask for a blessing of comfort, or of healing. Coming from a family that didn't have the priesthood for very long in her life growing up, I am grateful to have a husband that can hold it so worthily.

6. Brandon has a sense of humor. My husband is very random, and has a great sense of humor. I remember when we were watching Legacy for the first time and there is a scene where the Eliza asks David "Promise to make me laugh?" and David replies "Everyday." After that part I looked at Brandon and made him promise me that he'd do the same and he hasn't broken it yet!

7. My sweet husband is a hard worker and I am so proud of everything he does. Brandon loves to work and to support for our family. He loves putting his checks towards paying off bills so that we can someday work towards becoming parents. Brandon's hard work has finally paid off with his recent promotion and I know it won't be the last.

Like I said earlier there are so many reasons how I appreciate the love of my life. The best phrase that comes to mind is " I have all I've waited for...and I could not ask for more!"

I love you Brandon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Over the past weekend we had family stay at our house for awhile (which we loved!). During this time our wonderful nephew took a nap with Scooby. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Wow it's been awhile and so many wonderful things have happend...Lets see if I can try and summarize.

June: Brian (Brandon's youngest brother) got baptized in June! It was a very spiritual moment and he definately made it his own baptism :) It was also his sister Lauren's birthday and now she's 20! (And just a few more months till her missionary comes home ;) !)

This month has been absolutely crazy! So far we've had three birthdays, a family reunion, an ordination and soon to be a funeral. A quick shot outs to the birthdays Ethan (our nephew turned 1!), Aubrey (sister-n-law turned 21!) and Davey (my brother turned 28!).

The family reunion we went to was on the Holyoak side. It was great to get to know Brandon's side where we are spread all over Utah, to Texas even out in Hong Kong. We all got together and had a picnic in Sandy, the majority of everyone talked and ate while I took out my camera and took a few shots (I'll have to add those later). Later that afternoon we went to through the Oquirrh Mountain open house, it was a wonderful experience to be able to walk through and semi-explain things to my sister in law Lauren. We ended the night with dinner at Goodwood Bbq in Draper, now if you have never eaten there it's so delicious! (I recommend the pulled pork! Yum).

Aubrey and T.J. are my wonderful sister and brother in law that are working on getting sealed in the temple on September 19th. So on July 19th we were able to witness T.J. get ordained to an Elder! It has been so wonderful to see the changes in their hearts and to see their little family going to the temple. I know that when Aubrey, T.J. and their son Ethan get sealed in September they will be a forever family and I can not wait for them to receive those blessings.

On a very sad note, Brandon's Grandma Sandberg passed away this last Saturday. I did not know her for very long but I remember since the first moment I met her she has always been very loving and accepting of me. I know she had battled cancer for years and she is definately one of the strongest women I know. Her funeral is in Panguitch Utah on Thursday, so Brandon and I will be traveling down there later this week.

Now the reason I titled this blog as "Blessed" is because Brandon has been offered a promotion in his company! I'm grateful for the company he works for and the many opportunities it has given Brandon to learn and grow. I am also grateful for the many answered and unanswered prayers from our Heavenly Father, and I feel so blessed to know that he is watching over my family continuely.

One last great thing happened this weekend...Brandon and I met our neighbors! With great help from the Witt family (Thanks Allen and Jill!) we had a great BBQ on Saturday with fireworks at the end. It was wonderful to finally talk to our neighbors (since it feels like we all pretty much keep to ourselves), and the best part about it is that Brandon and I made a few great friends.

Anyway, I think I've covered everything and I apologize for this being so long! Have a wonderful week everyone :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Inside Jokes

Yes I do speak Canadian :)
Thanks Winnifred for making my day!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

1st Anniversary!

They say that Disneyland is the place where dreams come true. Well, Tenille and I aimed to put that claim to the test. For our one year Anniversary, we decided to drive down to Anaheim, California for our first (and hopefully not the last) trip to Disneyland. I must admit, I don’t think we could have planned a better trip. We used the website for the hotel reservations as well as the tickets, and it fit our budget quite nicely, as we were able to succumb to the thrills of spontaneity more than once.
A Modest Proposal
Before I dive into the magical adventures that took place, let me take a quick moment to highlight our hotel choice, and its location, and why I recommend it to anyone. The hotel we stayed at is several large city blocks away from the park, and the most convenient way to travel to and fro was by public transit on a shuttle. It was very nice because the shuttle was only 8 dollars a day for both of us, and when you throw in a full continental breakfast at the hotel, you find yourself not only saving money by not eating at IHOP every morning, but you also don’t have to worry about walking a mile back to your hotel that’s “right next door” to the park. The hotel offered free parking for the duration of our stay so that too was also a plus.
Getting There
Driving down to Anaheim from Utah County (northern Utah for those of you who aren’t familiar with the beehive state), takes about 10-11 hours. We made the decision to split this driving time into two separate drives of 5 hours each, with a break in Mesquite, Nevada. We left Thursday night after work for Mesquite, and after gaining an hour with the change of time zones, we arrived around 10:30 PM. For those of you who are interested, we stayed at the Falcon Ridge Hotel, probably the cleanest and most affordable hotel I have ever stayed at! The next morning we drove the rest of the way to Anaheim, which wasn’t a hassle at all, and that’s where the fun began. Originally we had planned to relax a little bit once we had checked in, and then perhaps hit the beach for a sunset walk or something… but within 10 seconds of dropping our bags on the hotel floor, Tenille, who hadn’t been to Southern California for nearly 11 years, started to bounce off the walls and pleading to go to Disneyland NOW. Haha, we as you can figure out, off we went. Since our tickets were 5 day park hopper tickets (which we got for the price of 3 day park hoppers), off we went.
We arrived at the park in the mid-afternoon, where the line to pick up our park tickets was non-existent. We walked right up to the window and picked them up. Our first park? Oh… Disneyland, of course! Our first ride? Pirates of the Caribbean. As some of you know, since the trilogy has come out, the ride has gone through some major changes, and in my opinion, for the better! The ride is a lot darker now, and Tenille loved every minute of it! So much in fact, that we went on the ride 3 or 4 times during our stay.
Matchless Hospitality
As far as how was our overall treatment while there, I guess the best word to describe it would be “matchless.” One of the workers in a store asked us if we were celebrating anything, and when we told her it was our 1st anniversary, she went to her cash register and pulled out two buttons that said “Happy Anniversary!” She instructed us to wear these throughout our stay, which we did. I guess “Happy Anniversary” means in Disney lingo “Spoil these brats as much as you can.” And let me tell you, the Cast Members are good at doing this!! Some of the special treatment we encountered was V.I.P seating to the firework show at night, a classic photo opportunity immediately thereafter in front of the lighted castle before anyone was allowed on the bridge, and even a special moment to dance with Mickey and Minnie themselves! Not only that, but everyone congratulated us on our Anniversary wherever we went, which made us feel all fuzzy inside.
One of the best was a fun and romantic (and needless to say, pricey) lunch at the Blue Bayou, which is a restaurant quietly set aside to the first leg of the Pirates Ride. The food was wonderful, and the setting was amazing, and actually, even with the people drifting along in boats not 30 feet from our table, it was very quiet. It was definitely worth it for the occasion at hand. Another adventure we embarked on was a first for me, and it’s something I never thought I would do in my lifetime. You see, after a few days of walking in the parks, your feet tend to get sore. So what did we do? We checked in to the Mandara Spa at the Grand California Hotel for a pair of pedicures, one for Tenille, and one (gulp) for me. For those of you who know me, if you tickle my feet, you run the risk of breaking a rib or an arm, pending on which is closer. Did my feet twitch a little while the lady was “massaging” my feet? Yep. Did Tenille laugh at me more than once when I fidgeted in my seat? Yep. And did I enjoy it? Yep. Will I get another one someday? Nope. (Tenille says “yep” to that last bit, which I think is nuts.)
Aside from getting the usual shirts and paraphernalia, the highlight of this part of our Anniversary was a small shop behind Aurora’s Castle called “Heraldry”. It was here that we looked up the history of our family names, Holyoak and Irwin. We also found the Brazen of Arms for each name, which we had printed with the date of our marriage. The funny thing about the Irwin Brazen of Arms is that it has oak leaves on its crest… So Tenille was my princess destined for me all along! (tender moment, awww!) The cool thing about the Holyoak crest was that it was basically blue and white. To my family and friends, Cougar Blue truly does run deep in our veins! Aside from that, we also printed off the history of each name, and we will frame these documents and post them in our home. Pretty neat addition, if you ask me.
Final Stop
Having done all that, we drove home on Tuesday, stopping for a short, yet pleasing visit with my Grandpa Winchester, who lives just outside of Mesquite. A recent widower as of February this year, he has been having a very difficult time, and looks forward anxiously to the day that he and his late wife Judy, my grandmother, will be reunited. However, it was a joy to hear that he is now attending Sacrament Meeting as often as his work schedule will permit, especially since he has been inactive for at least 10 years. He is a great man, and despite some of his flaws which he personally acknowledges, I will always admire him. We love him dearly, and he is in our prayers.
So there you have it! Our trip was a perfect capstone to a year that has been full of blessings and adventures. I look forward to many more in the years to come. : )

Anniversary Pix 2009

Ready to start our trip!

Aw Tender!

Lunch at the Blue Bayou... Awesome Food!

Jack Jack on Fire :)

Tow-Mater! (wit out da 'Ta)

We bought sweatshirts!

Where Dreams Come True


Mickey Mouse!


Happy 1st Anniversary!

Minnie and I jivin' it up!

Mickey and Tenille showing off.

Dancing With Minnie and Mickey!


The Castle at Night

And so we did!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1 Year!

I know I'm a little late, but you have to give me a break...we just got back from California a hour ago :)

So on May 24th 2008 Brandon and I had just gotten....

We had lots of smiles and laughter...

We had a bite of our delicious cake...

Little bit of dancing...

It was the beginning of our family and I'm so blessed to have my dearest Brandon in my life! Here are a few more shots of our wedding...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Finished Kitchen!

Here is our finished red kitchen! We do have to do a few touch up's here in there with the paint, but luckily in this picture you can't really tell. This is unfortunately the only room completely unpacked, painted, and clean but Brandon and I are making June our fixer upper month for our house! I'm excited to get everything else painted so we can finally hang some pictures up!
P.S. Congrats to my sister and brother in law (Aubrey and T.J.), they have set a sealing date for their family for September 19th! I am so proud of them and happy that I get to call them family :)
P.P.S. Brandon and I were able to go to my friend Janeal's sealing this past Friday. I'll have to upload pictures, but again I am so happy for her, and I love her and Ryan both!
P.P.P.S. I am trying a new chicken crock pot recipe today! It smells delicious, and I have to run and make some veggies now :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So this is what you call lazy...

The current situation that I am in now is that I am in my old apartment with Brandon, and what we should be doing is packing/cleaning...What we're really doing is...Brandon is actually working (boo!), and I'm facebooking/blogging! I have horrible motivation sometimes...I think it started this morning....

So this morning our fridge, washer and dryer were delivered. To sum it up, I basically missed work ALL morning...It didn't help that the experienced deliverer brought the new guy, and the new guy brought in the wrong washer and dryer. Luckily I noticed they were the wrong ones when they were half way moving them...I did get to read a good chunk of the 6th Harry Potter book. :) (I need to refresh my memory before the movie comes out in July). On the brighter side, we have a fridge now, so that means we can actually buy groceries and eat at home.

Back to the our old apartment we don't have much left, just odds and ends from each room that we don't use day to day...I really should just get up and pack. :) I do have the WHOLE kitchen to pack too...*sigh*

On a good note, I love our new house!!!! It is soo quiet! I haven't slept soo good, since we stayed at the Anniversary Inn, or the Stratosphere. I forgot how nice it is to not have people walking on my head. It's also nice to have stairs to walk up and down, it kicks my butt everyday, but hey it's exercise!

Well now I'm just rambling, so I'll probably be getting off to start packing...tomorrow after work I'll need to clean because we have to be out of the apartment at the latest by thursday. I know, I know, Brandon and I are taking our time! I do have to say it's nice to take our time to move. Anyway...that's my ramblings for today! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Night :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Townhouse Time!!!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted on this blog. Tenille can't seem to put down Breaking Dawn right now though, so I will take a moment to update things.

Well, if you haven't heard, the cats out of the bag. We are buying our first home! It's a new townhouse in Saratoga Springs, Utah, just northwest of Utah Lake. It faces east towards the valley, and although the view is blocked by more townhouses, our backyard consists of a field and and then the mountain landscape. Not too bad if you ask me!

One of the things I like so much about this place is the fact that actually feels like a single-family house. It officially has 2,090 sqaure feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms (one of which is the master bathroom which has a separate tub and shower AND a walk-in closet), a separate laundry room which is upstairs with the bedrooms, a kitchen with a pantry and a spacious dining room to go along with it, a two car garage with room to spare, and if that's not enough, a huge unfinished basement. (I have claimed the basement as my playground for the next few years, hopefully to turn part of it into a theatre room.)

Since no one has lived in it before, the walls are all white, which Tenille has declared loud and clear will not last for long. The other night we picked out colors to paint it, and yes folks, she gets her little red kitchen again. It was pretty funny because when we looked at red colors for the kitchen, the first one she picked up was the same color we painted our current kitchen.

Forgive the panoramic shots for being a bit crude... but you get the idea :) We are expected to close on Monday, and as all of you who have already bought a houose, you know how much fun the waiting game is at this point!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scrunchy Face

Brandon and I went up to Providence for Brandon's Mother's surprise birthday party. The majority of the time we got to spend with his siblings cleaning the house and spending time with each other. Our adorable nephew Ethan learned how to scrunch his face recently, so I couldn't wait to get the perfect shot of it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Few More

Just a few more of the cute couple! Man it's late, goodnight :)

Janeal and Ryan

Here are a few shots of my friend Janeal and her fiance Ryan (he is also a friend now ^_^). I took a few engagment shots of them yesterday, and here are a few I've edited. This is mostly for them, but figured others would enjoy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy House Hunting

Tonight Brandon and I walked through our first house we're interested in maybe purchasing. Granted in order to purchase it we'd have to have we basically looked at a house tonight. ;) It was such a blast! It definately makes me want to live in a bigger place. I am grateful for our wonderful basement apartment, but when we were walking around I just couldn't belive how QUIET the house was! The whole place is just beautiful, I hope someday we'll be able to get a house like that. The view was magnificent too! The house is in Saratoga Springs, and lets just say that you can see the mountains to the south and east, we can also see the lake, and if you look east we can see the Timp. Temple! AGH! So amazing, Brandon and I need to start saving :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The dress :)

Per request to my fabby friend Jenn, here are a few more pictures of the dress Brandon let me get for V-day.

The back of the dress.
Front and me being silly
The front of the dress, showing off the super cute silver sparkly heels I got :)