Sunday, February 22, 2009

Few More

Just a few more of the cute couple! Man it's late, goodnight :)

Janeal and Ryan

Here are a few shots of my friend Janeal and her fiance Ryan (he is also a friend now ^_^). I took a few engagment shots of them yesterday, and here are a few I've edited. This is mostly for them, but figured others would enjoy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy House Hunting

Tonight Brandon and I walked through our first house we're interested in maybe purchasing. Granted in order to purchase it we'd have to have we basically looked at a house tonight. ;) It was such a blast! It definately makes me want to live in a bigger place. I am grateful for our wonderful basement apartment, but when we were walking around I just couldn't belive how QUIET the house was! The whole place is just beautiful, I hope someday we'll be able to get a house like that. The view was magnificent too! The house is in Saratoga Springs, and lets just say that you can see the mountains to the south and east, we can also see the lake, and if you look east we can see the Timp. Temple! AGH! So amazing, Brandon and I need to start saving :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The dress :)

Per request to my fabby friend Jenn, here are a few more pictures of the dress Brandon let me get for V-day.

The back of the dress.
Front and me being silly
The front of the dress, showing off the super cute silver sparkly heels I got :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day


This previous Monday Brandon officially told me our Valentine's Day plans. His instructions were to go out and find a nice formal dress, and to get dolled up for Wednesday. I asked how much I could spend and he gave me a number I was completely surprised about! (Apparently he's been saving behind my back!) Long story short, thanks to my best friend Laura, we went out on Tuesday for lunch and found a beautiful dress at Alyse's Bridal. I also spoke to my boss and was able to take a half day on Wednesday making it possible for me to get my make up and hair done for Wednesday (aka our Valentine's Day).
On Wednesday I worked till around 12 pm, and then went to the mall. I LOVE MAC make up, and I am horrible at actually putting make up on, so I made an appointment. The end result was pretty great, she did smoky purpleish eyes. After that I went and got my hair all curled/up. Then I rushed home and Brandon helped me put my dress on. He was all dressed up in his suit and my favorite dark blue shirt he wears. Anyway, we rushed out the door around 6 pm to drive up to SLC to the restaurant The Roof. We had a great table right across from the front of the temple, and the food was delicious. My favorite was the chocolate mousse, to die for! Anyway, after that we ended up visiting my Mom and then picking up Brandon's cousin that had actually locked his keys in the car and taking him home before we rushed home and crashed into bed! (We both still had to work the next day :( )

These past few weeks have been exhausting and stressful with Brandon's company. All of the upper managment and the VP's left trying to overthrow the CEO and basically the only people working was Brandon and the Customer Service department. We have definately had our patience and faith tested and we're grateful the company is starting to rise up on it's feet. Throught it all it's also looking like Brandon might receive a different position/raise, either way we are eternally grateful he still has a job and is able to help provide for our family.

I'd like to reminisce about last years Valentine's Day...Last year Brandon and I were dating at the time, and it was one of the best Valentine's Days ever. He had class after work, and so I ended up heart attacking his room and blowing balloons and basically destroying his room. I also got him a cd he had been dying to get. The next day when we did celebrate Valentine's Day, he took me ring shopping, and then took me dancing! For Brandon that is a HUGE step because he can not dance for the life of him. He was a great sport though, and I had a blast with him.

Today Brandon and I ended up spoiling ourselves...we ended up eating at I-Hop this morning for a good hearty breakfast, then running to Macey's for groceries. After returning home we decided to have a fun trip at Best Buy to see if anything sounded appealing...We ended up walking out of there with a Wii!! Brandon and I have been wanting one for awhile, so I'm so happy we get to play! Now since we got that though, it's time to stick to our goals....Pay things off!! (We also did find a living room set we both agreed on, even the price was great...we just can't afford it yet. Even if we could we wouldn't have anywhere to put it...But like I said, we are going to pay things off now!

Anyway, I've rambled are some pictures of this past Wednesday!

Brandon and I at our table.

Us infront of the SLC temple.

I love his kisses!