Saturday, July 28, 2012

Over the past month...

Over the past month:

*Brandon started a new job
* Moved to Cache County (We've lived in our new house for 1 week, and are almost  unpacked)
*I get to stay at home and work at nights at home
*Saw Dark Knight Rises (amazing!)
*Got a new niece! (She was actually born on my oldest brother's birthday!) {Also, they were at the movies with us and had to leave early due to contractions/labor. Definitely a fun night!}
*Connor finally had all of his incisor teeth come through! (Dear heavens...they were the worst)
*Connor has moved to a toddler bed (Due to lovely ninja climbing skills) {He is actually doing quite well, as long as he goes to bed tired/asleep}

I'm sure there is more, and if I can think of something, I'll add to the list. Now that we have internet, hopefully I'll get better at keeping you all posted on my super interesting life. Haha, okay, let's not get too far.