Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's the time to catch up on blogging!

This year for Thanksgiving, Brandon and I made the turkey! It was quite the adventure, and to say the least, we're going to try and not make one for a long time! :) It's not that it was bad, it was just very nerve wracking. We had lots of fun with family though. My Mother, brother and his friend came over and we got to eat, play a few games and then watch a comedy show. My family ended up leaving early and so Brandon and I decided to finish off the day with his family at Classic Skating! We were lucky enough to get one picture in before our camera died.

A few days later was the BYU - UTAH game. Such an entertaining game. Both teams played very well. Here's a picture of some cousins and us at the end of the game! (Jerrica,James,Me,Brandon)

For awhile now Brandon has been begging me to buy cinnamon rolls. Now you need to realize growing up (for me) my mother would make them from scratch (every once in a blue moon) and it would be a glorious day. They were always fantastic, and since I've gone out on my own, have been wanting to make them, however I was very terrified at the same time! My mom would always tell me horror stories how other family members had tried to make them but never would succeed...(I had horrible black and white dreams of me failing...) Long story short, last Monday I decided to surprise Brandon. They turned out great! I think next time I'll make them I'll give more out though, we don't need that many to eat :)

Last Thursday we went up to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert. Since Brandon's cousin is in the choir (and is absolutely fabulous I might add), she gave us a few tickets! We were able to go up with a few of our wonderful neighbours and enjoy the evening. Minus the traffic (Jazz game + MoTab Concert + construction = no bueno), and being late it was a great night! Concert was great, company =awesome, and to top it off the Toblers hid hot cocoa and plastic cups in the snow so we could have a tasty drink afterwards!
The Wonderful Witt's!
The Terrific Toblers! (hot cocoa included)

Brandon and Me