Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Connor Rolled Over!

Yesterday was a huge day! Connor rolled over! The previous night I was talking with our neighbor Jill and asking when I should start ‘tummy time’, she guessed since he was stronger that we could probably start it whenever we felt like it so the next day (December 7, 2010) I decided to give it a try. I had just fed and changed him so I knew he would be in a pretty decent mood. I laid out his blanket on the floor and then put him on his stomach; he was doing so good, just lifting himself up, no tears just being a tough guy! I decided to take a picture so I pulled out my phone and took one, then realized my camera was just in the corner. I ran and grabbed it, through the SD card back in, turned it on, turned around to look back at Connor, and he just rolled over when I looked! Like it was nothing. I was in complete shock! Our son is 9 ½ weeks rolling over! I immediately called Brandon to tell him the news, which of course he asks if I recorded it - no! It was random; I didn’t think he’d do that! – plus we don’t have a camcorder… I tried a few more times to get him to roll over but to no avail, he decided once was good enough.
Brandon came home for lunch and we decided to try again. Sure enough, he wanted to show Dad his new talent! He rolled over twice for Brandon, and we were able to record it off of his phone! After that he was cranky again, but still! Rolling boy!

Here's the link to the video -

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards

At the end of each year I always think we're going to do Christmas cards, yet I always forget to put them together. This year might be different! Shutterfly is having a promotion on their Christmas cards for 2010, check out the cute cards you could get 50 free cards!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Months!

Our little Connor is two months! (Actually he's 9 weeks now, but I'm a slacker and forget to update the blog.) Either way he is getting so big! Well...the funny thing is, he is getting big for me, everyone else thinks he is still small....which according to his measurements is true. We have a runt!

Connor's height is measuring in the 50% and then his head and weight are measuring in the 25%. He did have to get his shots and I'm so grateful for Aunt Jilly who did them so fast! He had no idea what hit him until after they were done, then he didn't appreciate the pain. Do not fear though! A few days later he's back and just as smiley as ever! I am so grateful for his smiles and when he shares them. Connor is also starting to coo at us and this morning he was wanting to laugh so hard! I can't wait to hear his little laugh. :)

I've posted my favorite picture of him so far! Well, favorite that I've taken. I just wish I would have taken it with my Canon instead of my phone. O-well, either way he is cute!

Blessing Day

November 5, 2010 Brandon blessed our little guy. I wish I could remember everything he said, but I know that he described our son wonderfully and I'm excited for Connor to continue to grow and develop!

I'm so grateful for all of our friends and family that came to support us. I'm grateful for worthy priesthood holders to participate in our families life. I am also grateful I got to bear my testimony to my inactive Mother and her boyfriend (Jay) who is not a member of the church. The whole meeting I sat next to them battling with myself. I hate speaking in front of large groups of people...yet I couldn't ignore the feelings of gratitude and love the Savior had blessed me with, plus I know my Mom and Jay needed to hear what I had to say. I honestly don't know what I said, or if I even made sense. I do know I cried like a baby, and I felt the spirit.

After the blessing we packed up tons of food and headed to Brandon's office. His work was able to let us use one of their conference rooms for the luncheon, so we were able to have a successful and delicious lunch!