Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family History

I get into these moods where I'll search my family history for temple work that needs to get done. It's quite addicting actually! The thing is most of the work that needs to be done is well EVERYTHING. Baptisms/Confirmations/Initiatories/Endowments, even a few sealings once all that work is done. 

The thing is we're going to the temple soon, and I know we'll probably just do an endowment session, but I was hoping to do some family work, I was able to find some male work that can be done, but no female (unless we start from the beginning). Anyway, I'm still excited to go to the temple, it's been WAY too long... 

On a complete side note, as I was looking into my family history I found some royalty! How sweet is that? I got pretty excited. I found a lot of Kings, Queens and Princesses of England. I also found a Princess of Scotland, some Kings and Queens of Norway too. One of the Kings was slain in battle revenging his brother, that's a pretty neat story! The best thing I found was...

Temple work was COMPELTED for the King of Franks, Farabert Metz and his wife Mrs. Farabert Queen of Franks and their daughter. The time frame they're from is 138-230 AD! How cool that that work is completed! I was even able to go back as for as 63 BC before the site started to hiccup.

Anyway, I better get back to real life, playing with Connor and I have some work to do today too! Have a good day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am a planner. I've always wanted to be spontaneous, and be able to drop everything and do whatever. But lets be honest...I'm not like that. I get anxiety, I stress, I'm a mess basically. 

Since we've moved we've had to make a lot of adjustments to our budget. Things have been tighter, but our family has grown so strong. Our Heavenly Father has also blessed us in many ways so that we've been able to make ends meet each month. Some ways have been unexpected, and it's been nice to finally not be so stressed. I feel like we're finally getting into a 'norm' again. 

I'd like to think 'money wise', I'm great with money (who wouldn't want to think that of themselves?). We pay our tithing, and bills on time. We aren't late on anything, however we're still in debt (lovely). This morning I had some thoughts on how we could slightly speed up our debt reduction. It's not elaborate, and it's honestly quite simple after I wrote it down! After I wrote it down I thought, umm, why have I waited so long to think about this, this can be so simple. 

Will things continue to be tight? Sure, but I have a plan! If we can be dedicated to it (which might be hard during the holidays), I think we can really make things work and pay some things off! 

Since I brought up the holidays, I felt like last year I was such a scrooge...But hear me out, I hate how everyone goes crazy over the holidays over presents, and how many they got etc, etc etc. Christmas just isn't about presents, and I didn't want Connor growing up thinking that Christmas is only about getting the coolest new toy. Last year we implemented a new tradition, we each got 4 presents, something we wanted, something we needed, something to wear, and something spiritual. I liked how it was so simple, and we had more thought into the gifts. 

Are you a planner or are you more spontaneous? 

What are some fun traditions that you like to do for the Holidays?