Monday, March 16, 2015

Love/Hate Relationships

We all have love/hate relationship? Right? Or is it just me?... Either way, here is a list of my l/h relationships, in no particular order.

Hair: I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love it longer, I think it looks nicer on me, but it gets so heavy! I love to change my hair up, but you really can't change it up when it's long, unless you have the time to curl it. Which I don't. I'm trying to get enough gumption to do a pixie cut. But, I don't have the balls yet. So 5 in the other day, was all I could part with. It's still long enough to pull it back when needed, but yet it doesn't feel like I'm getting a headache from it every day.

Cars: I love the independence I get with my car. I can go and do anything! I hate when they break down and suck. I also hate putting a ton of money into fixing a car, and it breaking down a couple months later with the same issues...thank you, you stupid, incompetent mechanics. Long story short, we're getting rid of one of our cars, and upgrading to a (hopefully) more reliable model.

Working out: I love the feeling of progressing with working out. I love how I can push myself a little further each time, and see my body improve. I am completely exhausted and lazy though. So I don't get to work out...I could, I just choose to do homework/work, or snuggle up with the mister to a movie instead. Priorities people. (I am trying to motivate myself to working out more again. I'm not getting younger, and it's harder to maintain my weight than it used to be. Thanks kiddo's!) ;)

School: I love getting my education. I love getting away from the kid's to do something selfish. I could probably go to school forever, which sometimes it feels like that's going to happen. I do hate missing out on my children growing up (even if it is only a couple of hours each day). I miss sleep. I hate writing papers, and the stress that causes. I also hate statistics. Even though, it has helped me to understand (or at least think I understand), a lot of the back end of my work. Plus, sometimes I want a break from a Spring Break...BYU doesn't have one. WHAT?! :(

Teething munchkins: I love when they get teeth! It means they can try more challenging foods...but really...This is mostly a hate relationship. Ammon is in so much pain. He wakes up early, takes forever to take a nap, and goes to sleep late because he just wants me to snuggle him to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I love snuggling him all day, but unfortunately when it's their bed time, that's my time to clean up/do my work/finish homework. I have to cut the cord, and I hate it. Boo for teething. Yay for ice-cream though!

These are a few that have been on my mind the past week...I'm sure I'll come up with a part two with it at some point. Do you have any love/hate relationships?