Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School...back to school!

Today is Brandon's first day of school! I just want him to know how proud I am of him and how much I love him! I know he'll do great because he is one of the smartest people I know. I am very excited to motivate and support him through these next few years of school! :D

I love you babe!

New Years Eve Fun!

New Years Eve was a great day for us! I ended up getting off work at 3 and decided to walk around Walmart till Brandon would get off work. There I grabbed a few movies and some bubbly or (sparkling apple cider). While I was at Walmart I noticed the SLR Canon camera's and the prices on them. I've always loved taken pictures and Brandon and I have talked about getting a great camera eventually so I thought to myself why not now? So Brandon and I purchased a Canon XSI Rebel 12.2 megapixel camera. I was SOOOO happy! What a great day right? Well shortly after purchasing the camera we went out for Chinese food and while eating Brandon got a call from his cousin James. James and his wife Jerrica were up with his family in Sandy and invited us to spend the night with them. Their plans were to see the movie Valkyrie and then play games and eat junk at his parents house. Since both of us had been dying to see that movie we of course said yes and started to move our party down to Sandy. We both loved the movie, and games were a blast! All in all we ended and started the new year off to a great start :)

Christmas Plans

If anyone knows me they know I like things planned! I wish I could be more spontaneous...but that's where the anxiety kicks in...ANYWAY, Christmas was quite interesting this past year. The original plan was that Brandon and I would visit my Father and Step family on Christmas Eve night then we would go home, then we would wake up Christmas morning and have that morning with eachother, then we'd head up to SLC to visit with my Mom and brother. After visiting with them we we're supposed to drive up to Providence to have some Christmas time with Brandon's family before ending the night at the Anniversary Inn...Here's how it went!

December 23, 2008 (Evening): Brandon and I watching the Weatherman tell of a storm coming Christmas day (ooh goody! That's when we're driving to Providence!). Brandon and I start to think and plan on how we can still visit with most of our family without missing anyone or getting stuck in the storm. We call my Step Brother in Law (Luke) to see if my Dad and Step Mom will be in town and sooner than late Christmas Eve night. No luck...Still brain storming...Come up with a it is. We have December 23 (that night) be our Christmas Eve, then have December 24th be our Christmas and we'll wake up early and open presents before we head off to work. After work we'll come home and pack and then have dinner with the Step family and Dad. After dinner and games we'll drive north to SLC to visit with my Mom and brother before driving up to Providence to spend real Christmas morning with them and thus missing the STORM! Now that we had our plan we opened our 1 present for Christmas Eve. We both got super cute p.j.'s from Santa! (I'll have to post pictures later!)

December 24, 2008: I toss and turn throughout the night feeling nauseous beyond belief! Thoughts running through my head on how I do not want to be sick for my first Christmas with my hubby! Brandon and I wake up at around 6 am to open presents. We both opened our stockings first and then moved on to our presents. Both of us got spoiled and had an amazing time (minus me feeling like death had taken over). After we opened presents we got ready for the day and went to work. Luckily at work there was barely anyone there! I was able to be sick beyond belief almost by myself. When my co-worker Savannah came in sick we had a pitty party for ourselves and then left at noon. Right before leaving work I realized that I was having a migraine and that I would just have to try and take some pills and sleep it off until Brandon got off work at 3. Sleeping helped but I was still feeling no bueno. Long story short after a 3 hour nap I got up and got ready for the weekend and the night. Arriving at my step sisters house it smelled delicious but all I wanted to do was go back to bed :( My Dad semi noticing I wasn't doing well asked what's wrong and I then went on to tell him how I was having a migraine. He then gave me a bottle of these amazing pills. They ended up taking a lot of the pain away but I was still nauseous so Thanks Dad! After dinner and games we went off to visit with my Mom and brother. It wasn't a long visit due to the fact that it was already late and Tyr was playing a video game the whole time. It was nice to see my puppy though! After there we were off to Providence! We chatted with the family for a little bit before Brandon put me to was 2 am(Thanks :) )

December 25, 2008: Brandon and I had taken over Chelsey's room for the weekend and the previous night we had locked the door so that we could rest. 6 am we here a little knock on the door and a whispering voice saying "Merry Christmas." I had waken up a few minutes before so as soon as I heard that I started laughing soo hard. Brandon and I got dressed in our sweats and went upstairs to watch his family have a Merry Christmas. I later took a nap on the couch and it was good :) That night Brandon and I went to the Anniversary Inn and spend the night in the Juliets Balcony suite. It was GORGEOUS! (Once again I'll add pictures later). We had muchos fun and watched Napoleon Dynamite and The Pink Panther. (On a side note my migraine was mostly gone, the nausea had stayed though).

December 26th, 2008: We're snowed in at the Inn! We go and check out before we get charged late fees and then the fun begins on digging the car out. We did have a random stranger with a snow shovel come help us (thank heavens!) and then we ended the weekend with the family :)

We did have a great weekend. I did end up getting the flu on Saturday so I was sick twice during Christmas break but in the long run it was a great Christmas. I pray it was a great time for everyone else :)